The Libyan Crisis: Slavery Still Exists In 2017

There was a time when the systematic oppression of a people was considered acceptable; from the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, to the transatlantic slave trade in the US.

Since then, you would think that humans have realized we are all equally valuable, and to a large extent we have.

Our differences in race, gender, sexual orientation causes us to unify under equality.

Migrants and refugees fleeing for a better life are being manipulated and smuggled into slave markets, only to be sold for as little as $400. Apparently, a life in 2017 is worth less than a flat-screen TV.

Just because they were born into unfavourable circumstances, doesn’t equate to them not being worthy of a fair quality of life.

How Did This Happen?

With Libya’s leader, Gaddafi, being ousted from government in 2011, Libya fell into civil war, leaving it to the control of militant groups such as Al Qaeda. Compare this to the transatlantic slave trade where the US was a wealthy and relatively stable country at the peak of slavery.

The stark contrast in the two countries, supports the fact that the need to suppress others in such a way, is a disgusting social construct caused by greed and power dynamics.

It is our responsibility as humans to fight against this, as it in our nature to protect one another, regardless of these borders which separate us and gives us different titles.

At the end of the day, this division between ourselves means nothing in times like this, where we are all one human race, who depend on each other for prosperity and cohesion in the face of adversity.

So what can you do?

Sometimes are young people we will feel like we have no power to make change. Maybe it’s due to how the older generation depict us. Maybe it’s due to how we depict ourselves. However always remember there is power in numbers.

If you live in London, on the 9th of December 2017 there will be a peaceful walk in protest of what’s going on in Libya. It will be a way for you can stand up for what is right.

Micheal Kolawale

Micheal Kolawale

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Micheal Kolawale