Many boys at the age of 15 dream of the good life. The thoughts of success become a concept that starts to continuously resonate in their mind. They begin to think of their future,and start to have bigger dreams.

However, a dream without a plan is just a wish.

Fortunately, South East London boy Gerald (also known as mr devacci) had a plan, and he put his plan into action.

devacci clothing

He had an inspirational childhood to pursue his dreams. Leading to the idea of him starting his own business in the fashion industry.

At the age of 15, while still in year 10, he created his own clothing line called “Devacci clothing“.

What does devacci mean?

Well, devacci was a word formed and originated by Gerald, creating his own definition to the word alongside.

He stated: ” I wanted to create something new, something significant, and something different”. The brand also evolves around two co-owners named Benjamin Alexander Westfield and Isaac.

Devacci has now emerged into a massive success so far on its journey.

devacci clothing

Devacci represents superiority. The bird in their logo represents an eagle. An eagle is superior to all other birds, it takes actions on it’s own accord. No one can tell an eagle what to do. That was the feeling Gerald wanted to instill on his customers, anytime they wore a ‘ Devacci’ garment.

Devacci offers it’s customers a whole wide range of clothing for you to pick from which include products such as; T- shirts, jumpers, body-warmers, messenger bags, polos, woolly hats etc.

As a clothing line, Devacci have endeavored in many achievements. It has a prosperous website which allows Devacci garments to be shipped any where in the UK.

In addition, Devacci have hosted and participated in many ‘fashion shows’, and many well known musical artist have been spotted wearing their clothing too!

devacci clothing

Devacci clothing will be entering your local retail stores sooner than you think, so watch out!

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