17 year old South London Boy from Dulwich becomes a Marketing Director for a successful upcoming food delivery company.

17 year old Tasa, is not your ordinary London college boy. Alongside his team, they accumulated enough money to buy a share of a company! That’s right they own part of an actual company. And now Tasa has been appointed marketing director at the young age of 17. Through determination and perseverance him and his team are running all delivery services by ‘One Delivery‘ in the whole of South London.


What is One delivery?

The One Delivery business is a delivery service, that can literally have any food, from any restaurant or fast food chain, delivered directly to your home.  Including Italian, Gourmet, Tapas, Sunday Roasts, Desserts & everyone’s favorite ‘Krispy Kremes Doughnuts’.

Some of the fast food chains that could be delivered to your house include: McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

One delivery spotted a loop hole in the fast food industry, realizing a lot of the popular fast food chains failed to consolidated any form of home delivery services. Haven’t you ever wished for a ‘Big Mac’ to be delivered to you from the comfort of your home?
Recognizing the problem, they created a solution.
The company has expanded its operations and now delivers and services the hungry in over 40 locations across the UK with expansion plans for America & Ireland in 2015 and 2016. Experts have valued the restaurant delivery industry to be in excess of £3 Billion each year with consumers choosing to eat a higher standard of food when choosing to eat at home.

One Delivery provides a professional delivery & marketing service which allows customers to order food from quality food establishments that don’t have a delivery service in place currently.


The type of vehicles ‘One Delivery’ drivers use, to deliver food quick and efficiently.

They also allow restaurants & other food serving venues to tap into an additional revenue stream where customers can visit www.one-delivery.co.uk and place an order for food from their restaurant and having this delivered by them.

Website: OneDelivery
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