Online trader from Camberwell, secures a Lambo, Bentley, and Mercedes having after dropped out of university!

Elijah Oyefeso is a young man with an incredible story where large risks, consequence in even larger rewards. Truly inspirational, and definitely worthy of the mouth.Proof that you should never give up on your dream.

Most students sell their cars before they start uni, but quitter Elijah Oyefeso left after just four months as a fresher.

Now he’s a high roller driving three sports cars.

The 20-year-old entrepreneur told The Tab: “First I got the Bentley, now I’ve got three vehicles.

“A Lamborghini, the Bentley and a Mercedes. It felt fantastic to buy them.

“If you don’t take any risks you won’t be successful. There’s no limit, why can’t I buy an island? You’ve got one life so you’ve got to live it.”

The Buckingham dropout was studying International Football Business Management.

“It was pretty good, the course was alright but it’s not my passion. I didn’t want to work under anyone.

“I’m still in touch with some of my friends from uni. I’m in contact with about 25 per cent and they’re just about to graduate.

How did Elijah start to trade?

Well legally, a person must be at the age of 18 or above to start online trading of stocks or shares with real money. Elijah started at the age of 16. Using his mother’s name, he found that he had a passion for the hobby, also noticing at the same time he had a great gift.

elijah oyefeso

“Now I’m going to try and help them out. I’ve got a holding company with five different companies underneath it and I’m getting them involved. One is called Dreams Come True.

“What I’m trying to do is get into music. One of my friends is studying Music at uni and I’m going to help promote and market them.

“I’ll also use some of my assets to do their music video.”

Elijah, originally from Camberwell, makes his money through binary options trading –– basically all or nothing investments.

Elijah now has a website where you can sign up to follow his trading signals and be mentored by him.

Source: I dropped out of uni and now I own a Lamborghini, Bentley and a Merc

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