17. Female. And C.E.O

Young girl from South West London creates an upcoming online retail store at just 17, and she tells us it all started with an 100 pounds investment.

Issabella Marie is a female of incredible attributes. At the age of 17, whilst studying at college, she was able to build a well founded business with just £100 as start up money. Her story and her journey clearly shows the mind can create anything it can imagine.



Fridge4Fashion(F4)  is an online brandseller with the aim to supply the latest urban fashion trends and also be recognised as an fashion icon for young people to be inspired by.

A fridge is used to keep a variety of food preserved. Like so for fashion, the precious power of what you wear needs to be preserved , and the variety appears from the range of items the website sells.

Clothing is supplied from the high end fashion brands such as ‘Ada x Nik’, Tommy Hilfiger & Neil Barrett. They also afford everyday vintage and retro wear.


Originally starting out as an idea, Issabella started her venture through the simple puchasing and reselling of glasses on the main body of her Instagram page.

She had a very strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Eventually she noticed an impressive amount of revenue was being accumulated through this venture, so with the combination of her knowledge- through the study of a business course at college. She used her initiative, and Fridge4Fashion was born.

More than what meets the eye

The products which Fridge4Fashion supply, are aimed of an audience between the age of 14-20.

Isabella believes the younger generation need to encourage to express that differences, rather than be a slave of what society dictates are the norm.

In 10 years whether you are well off or stuck in a predicament. whether you are rich or poor. Whether you showed the world your talent or kept it in. You are the only one to blame.

The message of that quote. Is to shine bright. Embrace your individuality . And the first step is expressing your self is through what you wear.

Fridge4Fashion is not only an online place to shop. It is also a place for inspiration and individuality.
Their social media platform represent urban hipster young people in the UK who are looking to experiment with fashion and are not sure where to start.
They maintain individuality by stocking exclusive customized items.
The Future
The prosperity of Fridge4Fashion has resulted in Isabella having quite large visions for the future of the business.
She hopes to build a pop up shop, and provide an infrastructure for other young entrepurner to sell their product, if they decide to build a clothing line.
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