A 14 year old African American freshman at the Darnell Cookman middle/high school of medical arts in Jacksonville, Florida, is on the road to success. At the tender age of 14 years old he has manage to come with a surgical technique that could possibly stop the heart breaking complications during a surgical operations.

The blossoming medical genius, Tony Hansberry(now 19), examined a range of several techniques of numerous surgeries, which involved hysterectomies and the instruments used to carry out those operations. He came up with an intelligent idea that surgeons could use when stitching back up their patients.



This innovation came about in 2009, when he was still a student at the Florida school. At Darnell Cookman middle/high school, the young intellectual medic was encouraged to take up advanced classes in medicine. He stated that the theory behind his idea was to benefit both patients and doctors. He also stated that his ultimate goal is to be a well-respected and honorable  neurosurgeon.

When he was studying at Shands hospital in Jacksonville, the 14 year old came up with the novel idea to help both doctors and patients- while still being enrolled at the university of Florida’s center for simulation education and safety research.

It was confirmed that Hansberry’s  brilliant new technique will enable surgeons to complete their operations by stitching back up their patients after having a hysterectomy in a shorter period of time that it would usually take them. To ensure that this technique was perfect, he practiced the techniques on a medical dummy.
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Concordat to Angela Tenbroeck- a lead medical teacher at the University of Florida stated: she would place Tony among the midst of the first year medical student at any university, with the confidence that he would do exceptionally. She was very proud and full of rectitude when telling others he was a member of her school.

Purportedly, the young adult was selected to present the boy scouts of America report to the nation, in Washington D.C at the Whitehouse and Barack Obama. The report entailed information on young boys scouts who had been outstanding in the fields of national services, conversation, healthy living and participation within their locality’s and Hansberry’s named was repeatedly put forth by his leaders.

So, what’s your worth?

As you can see, Tony is a fine example when demonstrating how far self belief can take you in life.

Every person has this common misconception that age is solemnly a barrier in ones journey towards success. Who ever believes that they can not progress and attain their ambitions and goals, because they believe they are ‘too young’, is eagerly shooting themselves in their foot, and happily pouring salt on the wound.

The way death or time doesn’t discriminate, is exactly the way success doesn’t discriminate either.

Your age should lift you , as it will make your story even more incredible.

So never think your age is stopping you from being where your dreams lie.

Sometimes the only thing stopping you is your self.

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