The story behind the young musician from South London who took social media by storm.

Micheal Kuku( also known as Mic-L) is a young musician from Thornton Heath, who put his name on the map in the early summer of 2015 through the domination of one short video, which swarmed all over social media sites such as Twitter.

If you haven’t seen it already, the video has been placed below

SO, where did Micheal start?

Early stages

Micheal had been a passionate singer from a young age. After realizing he could sing  at the age of 12, he worked strenuously to develop his voice through his days in secondary school, pursuing any opportunity which allowed him to demonstrate his talent.

Micheal went from performing at ‘end of term’ assemblies in his secondary school, to performing at places such as the ‘ Barbican theatre ‘. The Barbican is the largest performing arts center in Europe and is based in the City of London. He has featured at concert shows such as the ‘ark music gala’, and performed to audiences in quantities of over 2000. He stated: his performances at the ‘Barbican Hall’ have definitely helped to boost his confidence, and allowed him to embrace his unique talent.

One of the sensational concert halls Micheal has performed at.

Micheal hadn’t always been a solo singer, during his secondary school years he also showed versatility by partaking as the lead singer in a boys band which was constructed in his school.

The group was built up of around 5-7 members , and the group saw some intricate success, performing at other cities such as Birmingham and Portsmouth, however eventually the group split up due to different confrontations.

As you can see , Michael was passionate and dedicated, grasping any opportunity to get his voice heard, and fufill his dream to be a successful musician.


Even though Michael’s success in the music industry  increased over the years, it wasn’t always like this. There came a difficult time in his life causing  him to make a very difficult decision, almost derailing his dreams.

Michael was confronted with an unfortunate predicament, which left him with an ultimatum, where in between the years of 2012-2014 it caused him to drift further away from his passion of music. He became a lot more sport affiliated as he started working with the ‘Rio Ferdinand Foundation’.

It looked like Michael was going to pursue a career in sport.


However as they say, you can take the boy away from his home, but you can’t take the home away from the boy. Home is where the heart is, and music was where Micheal felt at home. His ever growing passion could not be removed.

Eventually, he realized more opportunities would arrive in his direction by pursuing a musical career, rather than one in the field of sports.

The story of ‘Mujo’

After the overwhelming fame from the short twitter video, Mic-L  later continued to create a full version to the song, where it gained instant success and fame. Receiving over 100,000 views in under one week. Michael was quickly noticed by other artists, and his song even made it over seas to countries like : Canada and Ireland.

Surprisingly, Micheal informed us; originally ‘Mujo’ was not planned to be a song.

The full story to how the successful single came about, will be covered in our first ‘Worth of Mouth’ interview , with MIC-L (out on our YouTube channel soon).

The Future

Mic-l ensures he is not a ‘one hit wonder’. He is currently working on a couple new singles with some locally known artists.

He promises it will definitely be a hit.

In addition, Mic-L informed us exclusively that he would be releasing an ‘EP’ early next year.

As you can see Micheal has definitely made some great achievements already in his music career, so expect to be hearing off him a lot more…. very soon.
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