Grades and Qualifications are tools. I repeat. Grades and Qualifications are tools.

Before you read on, I want this idea to sink into your mind and become one with your thoughts.

A tool is used to create something that you consume, it is ineffective to consume a tool.

It is what you do with the tool that makes the difference.

Let’s take a knife for example:

Does a knife add any value to your life unless you use it?

If you brought a knife and just left it in your kitchen would it have been useful to you.

No, I don’t think so.

It is only when you utilize a tool to induce the effect you desire, you can say it has value. In this case, that would be the knife being used to make cutting and chopping up food easier.

Now use this concept in regards to grades:

If you have amazing grades and you don’t use them to your advantage by, creating opportunities for your self etc. Then believe me those qualifications have no value to you.

A tool is used to create something for you to consume. You can’t consume a tool thinking it will morph into opportunities .


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