Young black boy from South London builds an estimated £million business.

Samuel Adeyemi, is a 15 year old school boy from South Bermondsey, in South London who has a massively successful future ahead of him.


If you are familiar with artists such as Stormzy and Timbo the chances are that you have already stumbled across some of his work.

Zero tolerance, and Rich Ambition Clothing have been among some of the high profile brands which Samuel has already worked for, a huge accomplishment for someone who hasn’t even sat his GCSE’s yet.

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So, what exactly does he do, I hear you ask?

Samuel is a leading digital artist, and all round technological genius.

He is a master of turning peoples’ technological fantasies into real life, functioning realities.

By harnessing his unique talents, Samuel has turned his dreams into a creation, forming a rapidly soaring company, Giancana media


Anytime you see a cover for a musician’s album , you might be staring at the fine handwork of Giancana media.

The company specializes in graphic design, video editing, and motion graphics.

They work with artists as well as other companies, helping to structure a well-crafted image to advertise to the public

In addition, they also do post production work, meaning whether you are a musician or a CEO in need of giving your business a boost in customer traffic, Giancana Media can help.

From tasks like helping you record and produce your music, to creating adverts and editing them accordingly.

Giancana Media also create impressive logos and banners for companies, making sure the attention of the audience is captured.

Some of the few household names the company has worked with are: Artists like Sona, Stormzy, STP, and Don Jazzy.

They have also worked with companies such as Adidas UK and MD fashionstore.

Samuel told us:

I always want to take lead and I want others to have that same mentality”.

There is a large difference between a leader and a boss. Samuel ensures he is aspiring to be a devoted leader, making sure he shines with his team and not alone.

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The company started officially this February but was created last year April.

However already profit margin have surpassed £5000 in just 3 months , making approximately over £1,500 in the first month.

At this increasing grow rate it is estimated that by 2023 the company will be worth £10 million.

Samuel will just be 23.

Currently there are only a few members , but Samuel stated he will be hiring and training by January.

A journey of 1000 miles, starts with one step:

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Samuel’s first step into this field originated at his community church called ‘World Mission Agency’, when he took up the task of sound engineering the services.

After realizing how well he worked with a computer, he started experimenting on graphic designs.

Picking up the skill very quickly and also noticed how professional his creations looked.

After a while, he started working with a friend and together, they sold their services to many household names.

One of their biggest achievements is mixing at a live event for “Winners Chapel Int’l” which had over 23,000 viewers in attendance.


Above, A picture of David Oyedepo Jnr, the resident Pastor of World Mission Agency and son of Bishop David Oyedepo, The president of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

The Future:

Samuel has big aspirations for the company and himself.

He believes in just five years he will be leading Giancana Official Media into a world of opportunities, creating it into a household name.

They would have worked with top artists and business,  and also begin to gain recognition globally.

samgianca 2


He has faced many challenges on his path to success.

From adapting to a busy schedule, to attempting to balance his life so the consistent work he had to put in.

Even when he was tired and frustrated.

He said:

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Believe us when we say. Watch out.


So what’s your worth?

Vision. Determination. Taking Action.

Attributes Samuel has definitely demonstrated along his journey to go from the bottom, steadily climbing to the top.

When asked what advice he could provide from his experience to any young entrepreneurs and big dreamers like him, he said:

Stay consistent, trust God’s timing and never lose your fire.


I want you to focus on the phrase ‘ never lose your fire’

What does that mean?

It means believing in a vision only you can see. It means being willing to sacrifice more than anyone else, just to see that vision turn into a reality. It means not listening to cynics and anyone trying to destroy your dream, and turning those harsh words into motivation. Always remember

In order for a conductor to lead an orchestra, first he must turn his back on the crowd.


This is definitely easier said than done, but to make a difference in this world, first one must be different from the world.

Inspire. Recognise. Change Perceptions

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