Studying for your AS levels and enjoying a social life is more than enough to keep most 16-year-olds occupied with their time, but not for entrepreneur Nina Devani. Two years ago, at the age of 14, she founded a Leicester business called DevaniSoft, with its office in Oxford Street.

That’s right she has her own offices!

Have ever you forgotten your password,  to never remember it again?

The anger and frustration of having to dwell deep into your conscious mind, with an ambitious attempt to retrieve the complex combination of letters and numbers , which you continuously promised yourself never to forget.

All too familiar?

Well 16 year old Nina Devani saw this problem, and executed a solution that would make her the youngest ever finalist in the Natwest Every Woman Award.-which celebrates the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs aged 16 to 54.

Nina Devani is one of the youngest upcoming entrepreneurs in the UK. Her company specializes in internet security, by building applications that make the use of the internet more secure.

It has been running for two years and currently has a team of 10+


Her development in technology has led her company to create a digital product known as “Prompt Me Nina” . This app  focuses on password security in the online world. It is currently on the Android and Windows market.

It works by creating customized prompts for the user, so they can never forget their password. Literally.

The market for password management is said to be worth over $700m by 2019, and by focusing on the security aspect, Nina has be able to make a substantial about of money and build profitable business.

One of her dreams is to build “Prompt Me Nina” into a world class company one day, and following the footsteps of her role model Bill Gates.

One idea. Infinite Possibilities 

It always such an insightful story when discovering how one came up with a business idea, not knowing it could change their life. All it takes is a bit of creativity and discipline.

Nina discovered the problem spontaneously through her father’s experience.

The idea came to her while she was in the car with her father while he was complaining about how exasperating it was for him to have to change all his passwords , as one of his accounts had been compromised. Her father  kept the same password for all his online accounts and after changing them, he then struggled to remember them.

It then occurred to me that many people do this and is very unsafe for individuals and companies to pass them to a third party. I thought that there must be a way around the issue of trying to remember different passwords, which affects millions of people. That is when “Prompt Me Nina” and later “Prompt Me Now” occurred to me.

Prompt Me Nina and Prompt Me Now, are both applications created by Nina’s company- DevinaSoft

Its prime use is simple but effective. Help people to remember their passwords, by creating a prompt which you would set your self. It could be a question or a word, just  anything that can connect the interwoven neurons in-between your mind, so a link can be created between the prompt and your password.

The app can be used for anything, from social media to banking.

DevaniSoft has recently launched an enterprise version for their application on the Windows Platform. It will be utilized on a much larger scale, as it will decrease the number of problems regarding forgotten passwords in the work place, thus saving companies thousands of pounds in lost time.

Looking ahead

One of her dreams is to build “Prompt Me Now” into becoming a world class app one day and turn “Devina Sofware” into a house hold name, following the footsteps of her role model Bill Gates. Nina has faced many challenges during her progression, but the main one she had to overcome was a mental one.

Don’t let any one tell you, you are too young to start your own business

She also spoke about the fact that doubt kills more dreams than fear. A lot of potential entrepreneurs quit before they even start, because the burning desire to succeed is being restrained by the fear of failure.

At the beginning it seems like too much of a journey that is too hard to undertake and so many people give up before they start. Don’t give up and keep persevering because you have to try in order to succeed!

At the moment she is working on the application to ensure that it fits with consumers everyday life with it is new developments. Perhaps, in the future she can collaborate with both Apple and Microsoft, in order to create revolutionary pre-installed applications, allowing her to reach out to world.



So What’s Your Worth?

Success comes in great abundance when your dreams become your dominating thoughts in your mind.

An innovator is someone who gives the world the tools to push the boundaries of mankind by doing things differently.

In ‘Grow Rich With Peace of Mind’ one line particularly stood out:

“Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve.”

Therefore, you must believe and desire in your dreams as if you have already achieved them.

Too many people go through education not knowing their true purpose or desire, which is counter-intuitive to a successful mind. Know your purpose, and have the burning desire to achieve it. You are “The Master of Your Fate, the Captain of Your Soul” because you have the power to control your own thoughts.

A obstacle is only an obstacle if you let it be one.

Dwell upon that sentence for a second.

A obstacle is only an obstacle is you let it be one.

The amazing thing about the human mind is that we have something called initiative. We  have the ability to chose our response when confronted with a stimulus. We are response-able

Everyone has the ability to analyse a situation before acting, we don’t have to act on instinct.

Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

Whenever someone laughs at your dreams and ambitious, you have the choice to do two things.

  1. Listen to what they say, and let their thoughts and comments derail your dreams.
  2. Listen to what they say, and use their words as motivation to prove them wrong.

No matter how trapped you feel, always remember all obstacles are in the mind.

You always have a choice, don’t let your emotions do the thinking for you.


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