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Upcoming Musician Takes Social By Storm


The last time we  saw Mic-L he was performing a  little snippet of his new song to us, in our studio during his first Worth Of Mouth interview.


So what has he been up to since then?


Well “Mujo” has reached over 300,000 views on YouTube, and is currently on 370,000 views on SoundCloud. In addition, we can say for a fact he has not stopped performing. Literally. To the point where we believe his voice might be reaching breaking point, but that is the life of a celebrity.

From London to Northampton , Micheal has been dancing away everyone’s sorrows as he has been performing at parties and event shows.

One things for sure, MIC-L certainly knows how to move a crowd, and he demonstrates his mastery skill of engagement every time he picks up a microphone. The essence he creates is said to be like an over-powering entity, embedding a deep over- whelming urge on the audience to clap or sing along as he performs. Basically, there’s no way you are going to stay seated when this guy grabs a mic. Luckily, we were able to grab footage of Micheal doing just this ‘Watch- and- Learn’.

    As you can see, Mic-L is able to easily move his au-dience without even uttering a single word. Just the sound of the playing alone is enough to cause the immediate retrieval of mobile phones , causing the blinding light from I-phone flashes, as endless snaps are uploaded with useless captions that only consist off a stupendous number of love struck faces, or an extremely elongated version of the word “Mujo”. From the minute he begins to sing , the deafening voices of the crowd combine as one to create an overpowering concussion of sound, resembling a verbal battle between him and his audience to see who can sing the song louder.

All those years practice from his performances at his secondary school , to this ones at the Barbican definitely helped to build his confidence.

He informed us , he has been working 24/7 from performing every weekend, to continuously cooking up something new in the studio to enhance the flames he has already ignited.

If you haven’t witnessed MIC-L worldly performances you can still catch him at these upcoming events this half term below:

Glogang Parties:


Curfew Parties:


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