Close your eyes for a second.  Imagine you have achieved and attained all your wildest goals and dreams.

How does it feel? Being able to say you finally ‘made it’.

The ability to work your self beyond your furthest capabilities , and still being able to break through on top.

Feels good doesn’t it? Now imagine being able to do just that at just 16!  Well Rinsola Babajide from the area of Brixton Hill in South West London is kicking her way “boot first “to her dream of becoming a professional footballer.


She loves to score balls into the back of the net, and express herself on the pitch by using her skill and pace to outwit her opponents.

Her key and pivotal role as a striker allows her to force her opponents to one side of the pitch , allowing her team to press.

      ACHIEVEMENTS : Rinsola is now 17 years young with some striking accolades to her name.

However , she involved herself in the sport even before her break-through. She first started playing at the age of 6.

Two years later she progressed and grew to start playing for a team at the age of 8. This is the age that she discovered her passion for football and decided to pursue it.

By the time she was starting her secondary education, she was already getting noticed by scouts for having potential on the field. As of right now she is 17 and she is a left winger and striker for the Millwall Lionesses.

She set her path from an exceptionally young age and made a mental decision to pursue her passion of football.   She started playing for her first proper football squad at the young age of 16. During this period, she managed to attain the title of “top goal scorer” while playing in one of the highest football leagues of women’s football in the entire nation. What an incredible feat for someone so young, and what a beacon of talent and hope for all young footballers everywhere! 

When asked if she had to overcome any challenges on her ball path to success, she said she didn’t really hit any obstacles as a female footballer, she was wrapped in a supportive environment and she was accepted by a boys squad for being a female.

Not only is she striking the path for herself, but she is breaking down walls and dismantling stigmas for young females in any sector of life, by showing that gender doesn’t restrict anyone as she is successful in a field vastly dominated by males.

The advice she gives to young footballers who wish to see themselves in her position is

“Keep grafting, never allow anyone to tell you, you can’t do something and most importantly stick at it.”

Not only is she outstanding on the field, but off the field she inspires her peers and everyone around her that ANYTHING is possible, only if you stick at it and graft your way to success. I think the moral of her story is resilience pays off tenfold, and nothing is more satisfying than being successful at what you have a passion for.


As of now, she isn’t on an official pro contact with Millwall, but hopefully, if she continues on the ball path she is on now, she will be on a pro contract in due time. She wants to hit even higher than her mark as she pictures herself playing internationally and hopefully at an even bigger club on a pro contract.

Even exceptional young people like Rinsola have idols; She aspires to be like Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, and believes she emulates the likes of Gareth Bale and Wilfried Zaha, as both are skillful and pacey. Such a full and confident persona and a moving and inspirational story for everyone to hear and see. Continue doing what you do best – striking footballs into the back of nets.

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