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Success is the most powerful 7 letter word in the English Language.

The concept of succeeding holds so much weight in today’s society. It’s a drive.

It causes people to stay up late at night, and wake up early in the morning.

It causes tears of sorrow, and smiles of happiness.

It is this single concept that drives a lot of people every morning out of bed  filled with energy, and ready to achieve their full potential. We tolerate and brushoff all types of hardship and struggle, all drawback and comebacks. Just so one day, we can wake up and look back on our lives. Dwell upon our journey. And earn the right to say the three most gratifying words: “I made it”

But what does the word success actually mean?

Think about it for a second. Try it yourself. Attempt to create a definite meaning for such an advanced ideology.

Hard isn’t it?

In the Oxford dictionary it states the definition of success is :

  1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Also, in the Oxford Dictionary it states the definition of the word rich as:

  1. Having a great deal of money or assets;

Now let’s be honest. From the choice of the two definitions above, which one instantaneously jumps into our minds when we associate any individual with being successful?

For example, you might believe entrepreneurs such Bill Gates ,Richard Brandson and Steve Jobs are rich and successful.

You would be right in saying that, but be careful.

They are rich and successful.

They are not successful because they are rich. Do not fall for the common misconception.

Success and wealth can be either independent or interdependent.

However, success is not necessarily dependent on wealth.

They are successful because of the impact and revolutions they caused.

People like Bill Gates, revolutionized how we used the computer, and how we utilize our software. Steve Jobs transformed the sophistication of the mobile phone, bringing us top products such as the Iphone.

When you make an impact on the world, wealth usually comes second nature if you wish for it.

Success to you

The definition of success is the attainment of an aim or a purpose. An aim or purpose is a personal and opinionated attribution, it is sculpted carefully through morals and principles.

Not everyone will have the same goals and purpose.

Therefore, by just achieving the goals you set yourself, you are successful.And no one can tell you otherwise.

Unfortunately,  we live in  a society where only one prominent idea of success has bombarded all our minds and thoughts, it’s difficult to find people who generally want to willingly contribute to the society and world.

It is the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world that usually do.

Purpose and Direction

Success is also about knowing where you stand on this planet and what kind of legacy you’re attempting to leave behind. I am emphasizing on the word  “you’re”.

Not your mums, friends or teachers. But your own aims and goals. Your dreams and aspirations. Time and time again, many people have acquired wealth at the expense of  self accomplishment. The act of living another persons dream and not your own. Does that make you successful?

Is it acceptable to be  filthy rich but hate your life?

Stop and Think

As life goes on many people are going to judge you, and make conclusions on how successful you are.

The only thing that should matter to you is this question

What does success mean to me?

Only person you need to answer to is your self.

So What Is Success

At W.O.M we created a joint definition for the word.

Here is what we came up with:

Think about this quote for a second.

” Imagine at 16 you aspired to be a doctor, however you ended up being a well known musician.. Have you succeeded?”

We believe success is the attainment of set targets and purposeful dreams.

Emphasis on the phrase “set goals”

If you set a goal for your self and you don’t achieve it, how can prosperity be claimed even if wealth has been acquired?

The goal was set for a reason. Don’t let money and materialistic expenses disguise your purpose.

Success is also about going beyond your capabilities , and achieving more than you could have predicted.

Finally success is about impact.

Rapper Rick Ross says:

How large the impact of your actions on the world is how you measure your success. As we said before , there is nothing wrong with voraciously looking for wealth, after all it is a resource needed to survive and enjoy life to an extent. The problem only occurs when it becomes the one and only goal.

No matter how much wealth one has while being alive , absolutely none can be taken with you when you pass on. However if you leave an impact on the world; a legacy like Martin Luther King or Ghandi.

You will live on for ever.

There are  many rich people in the world, and there are many successful people in the world.

But never solemnly believe someone is successful just because they are rich.

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