What is your favourite song  right now? What melody is constantly stuck in your head, being repeated infinitely in your mind. That uncontrollable feeling that takes over your body as the “bass drops”, leaving you no choice but to shake and nod your head in a synchronised rhythm to the music.

Sometimes producers are under-rated but fundamentally, a song with out a good beat is nothing. The way the music flamboyantly weaves in and out with the musicians voice, creates that feeling of calmness and tranquillity  . Sometimes the instrumental of a musical piece holds so much value, it literally builds the song.

The skills and craftsmanship to build a good musical beat is immense. You are like a painter, creating a piece of art, you have the audience in your hands, and are able manipulate their emotions to exert any reaction you wish.

The art of composing might seem a tremendous task but one particular upcoming producer, makes it look all too easy.


Meet Hindoloh – who’s stage name is “AK” or “Akuma” . Everyday he sits in his studio on the Aylesbury Estate in South London, adjusting the EQ and producing his beats in a prosperous attempt to leave his note in the currently overly-saturated market of music production.


Hindoloh is from Sierra Leone and is in his late teens. He has produced a various amount of beats, improving and fine tuning his work , which allowed him to mature and grow as a music producer.

Since he has started, he has created master pieces for likes of: Not3s, Akua, Jabz, Takeover and Rugez (STP). He has also been given words of encouragement and praise from the work he has done with  many well known artists, producers and DJ’s such as: Stormzy , Heavytrackers, G.A, Afro B and Kenny Allstar.


He is currently studying music production at BSix, which means he has linked his passion for music production with a practical means of pursuing it.


Hindoloh started producing music from the young age of 11 years old at the start of his secondary education. His inexperience grew to work in his favour as he used Lil Wayne- a successful pillar of the music industry ,as inspiration for his very first beat.

He realised his natural talent in production when he was in Sierra Leone and was given a bootleg version of FL Studio.

This led to him create beats every day and hone down on his skills, gradually he started to improve and is still on the path of improving himself. When we asked him why he decided to pursue music, especially in such a saturated sector of music, he responded with

“I genuinely love sounds. I like manipulating different types of sounds and putting them together to create master pieces. The industry is very competitive  right now, but I know i have something unique to bring to the table”

He acknowledges the density of the industry, yet Hindoloh is dedicated to his passion and seeks to succeed in it.

He says he can bring something different to the table, something that other producers don’t have: the perfect precision blend of different elements and genres to create his own unique genre.


His favourite is a fusion of Afro-beat music and trap music, which both feature very fast tempos and strong dance vibes. He doesn’t have a specific team as he produces mainly by himself, but he does have peers who he collaborates with to create beats.



Hindoloh’s beats are capable of generating so much fire, that it is said to cause nearby objects to instantly ignite and combust. So you have been warned!

[This piece is by upcoming artist: Not3s] [Production/Beat by Akuma Standards]


His talent has been acknowledged by some of the hottest individuals in the music industry, proving his hard work and dedication, in addition to the high standard of sound he can produce.

In regards to challenges and overcoming any, he told Worth Of Mouth:

“No challenges have come towards me just yet, but it’s obvious there will be many ahead of me.”

He’s tackling the job at hand with a open and flexible mind-set, working wonders for him and hopefully getting him to where he wants to be in the future.



We received an exclusive insight into the diary of Akuma and he’s told us that, he is currently working with artists: Not3s and Mic’L on their new tracks.

He is also working with many new artists, making they get the right foot through the door which their first songs in the industry.

Alongside all these achievements; he has also recently featured on many radio stations due to the recognition of his talent.

Akuma’s aim in the next 5-7 years, is to go global. He wants to work with artists from all over the world. He has been working hard towards that big dream, trying to diverse his clients as much as possible.

His confidence, success and disbelief in giving up motivates us all to grind on, regardless of what comes our ways.



Determination. Inspiration. Listen. Three key words to Hindoloh that make up his three pillars of success. Be determined to achieve success.

“It’s not easy waking up at 3AM to finish off and edit music however because I have passion I don’t see day or night, I don’t think about distractions. It’s just me and the Mac- Book in perfect harmony . “

Remain inspired is his advice to anyone who has big dreams.

Don’t give up at the first hurdle, and stay inspired and determined. Together with these qualities, anything is achievable and no mountain is too big to climb.


Listen to the advice given to you by people who are more experienced than you. Respect their position and experience. They’ve been through what you have been through.

“If I never listened then I doubt I would even be confident enough to produce”.

Be willing to always take words of wisdom in-order to improve. Never aim for perfection. Perfection is a dead end, it leaves no room for improvement.

No dream too big to chase.

Twitter: @AkumaStandards

Instagram: @AkumaStandards

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