Christian Jones (also known as DJ Strikez) is not your ordinary 16 year old London boy.

There are not many who can say they have followed their passion and made a successful, profitable business out of it.

There are even less who can say they did it in the space of 3 years. There are even less who say they have achieved this at the age of 16.

Christian Jones can.

This UK DJ stroke entrepreneur is 16 years old and hails from Harrow in North West London.

He is the CEO of Glogang Parties – an upcoming event hosting organisation


He is also known globally as DJ Strikez.


DJ Strikes knows how to move a group with the power of music. He knows how to alter and manipulates the human body with the simple concept of sounds. Utilizing his passion of DJ’ing, he is able to move whole crowds of people just from mixing tunes, using decks and playing records.


He Said:

 “The role of a DJ is to mix tunes… DJ’s have that skill and professional attribute to make sure the music is always flowing.

What is a party without good music? DJ’s need to obtain the ability to read the crowd and use the rise and drops of their mixes to create  moving and flowing transitions in music.

Starting as a DJ:

Christian began his road to success at the age of 14.

He was playing around with a DJ app, which allowed him to mix songs. Soon enough, he discovered his personality in the world of DJ’ing.

Shortly after he acknowledged his natural talent, Christian decided to build upon his positive responses by placing some off his mixes on platforms like Soundcloud.

However his dream wasn’t cheap, as it came with the hefty price tags of the equipment needed to produce the best quality music mixes.

He started on a regular windows laptop, but now has invested over £2000 in an Apple Mac Plus, DJ decks, and other equipment he needs to pursue his dream.

He has listeners from all over the world coming from USA, Canada and Australia and surprisingly countries such as Romania, Bahamas and Ecuador.

He currently has 190k total plays, which averages to roughly 1000 people listening to his mixes a day!  That is approximately 7 people a second.12239957_931876273566454_2414396261439068710_n


His career as a DJ started to accelerate and pick up the pace heading into 2015. After that he released his most played track: DJ Strikez Reloaded 2015 which has over 24,000+ views and over 400 downloads.  20,000 of which were achieved within the first month of release.


The way he fuses different genres, and well known songs to create a continuous flow of elevating music in this mix, is simply beautiful!

Have a listen:

Standing Out

So, what makes him unique you ask? His unpredictability. Strikez is not like the other DJ’s. He uses his brain to analyse his audience and plays the music to suit his audience.

DJ’s too commonly use vast ranges of music of any genre which can create clashing atmospheres.

His mixes leaves the audience dancing away with a bubbly feeling left in them after the music is turned off.

Keep Your Ears Open

He’s currently working on a brand new mix. By only releasing the most refined of his works to keep up the integrity of his image, so you know when he releases content the standard is always high.

He has previously DJ’ed at many prestigious clubs in London such as Vanilla on Great Portland Street, Central London. In addition, He has been able to work alongside the top DJS like :Big Strike, G45 and DJ SWIVO.


Becoming An Entrepreneur:

Not only is he a world renown DJ, but Christian also runs a successful events hosting business.

Forget Teen Fest, Glogang Parties is approaching fast, and just might whisk their crown away.

The events company was started by him and his sister. It has been established for less than a year,however Glogang has hosted a number of parties all over London, with ravers coming from all over the country just to experience a party like no other.


Some of their major achievements have come from their Summer events which normally have over 500 people as attendees and making profits of over £12,000 since the establishment of the business.


They recently just hosted an Halloween event , and the organisation is currently  working on the next event which will be at Christmas.

The story behind Glogang will be covered in Christian’s Worth Of Mouth Interview- so don’t worry!

Future Plans:

Glogang aims to host a large party for up to 800 people in the near future. It will feature live performances from successful artists such as Tion Wayne and Stormzy. The struggle of starting up the business and the minor issue they faced were nothing in hindsight, as the success of the business proved to be worth tenfold.


So What Can We Take From DJ Strikez?

His words are;

“Don’t listen to the haters, cynics, use their words to prove them wrong. The key is not to give up. You have to face your fears.”

This strong-minded individual has a business mind and the motivation to achieve success. Proving to everyone , on a global level, why he is a huge  contender to the music scene.

It’s is crazy to think that someone who is so close to our age bracket, and so close to some of our communities, can achieve so much with the same amount of time, and exposure to resources and opportunities as everyone else.

Clearly showing, that as long as you have the passion and dedication, as long as you have the drive to reach your full potential. Nothing can stop you from achieving

Christian has the exact same 24 hours as me and you. All he does , is ensures he becomes a step closer to his dream every day.

It’s not too late for you to do the same.

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