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From the streets to designing for the streets. Dichino Clothing is taking the fashion scene in the UK by storm with its basic and effective icon. Also, the use of striking colours is just irresistible !

This contemporary and unique clothing line was released by the revolutionary Dieu Songolo. A young dream chaser from Tottenham, North London.

A lot of people know the line, but not a lot of people know about the boy behind the brand. And even less know about the journey from struggle to success, with nothing more than blood, sweat, and tears.

Dieu (now just turned 20) is striving among teenagers from all walks of life in London. This rising brand is representing the street wear lifestyle of London and is designed to “present you to people in a unique way.”

 How It All Started:

Life before Dichino for Dieu was not the best. He was involved in a habitat of gang affiliation, and frequent illegal activities. He knew wasn’t heading in a good direction.

However, Dieu took a turn for the good when he decided to “take life seriously” and do something he enjoyed; which was making his very own fashion brand, and leaving a positive mark on the community.

Dieu at his live interview with Unity Radio.


During a nice sunny day while Dieu was attending his sixthform, a young girl was leaving the art department. As she was walking Dieu caught a glimpse of a piece of artwork she had in her folder. It was a drawing of a young woman. Dieu was so memorized by what he saw. It instantly caught his eye and attention, and he knew he could find use for that picture. Some way. Somehow.

Dieu then decided to ask the young girl to draw a more detailed version, allowing him to create the picture into a digital master piece.

Soon enough , Dieu started to wonder how that image would look on pieces of clothing. After intensive research, he managed to find a shop in Camden where he sampled the first Dichino T-shirt and also did a mini photo-shoot, displaying his creation to the social world.

The feedback he got was phenomenal. People were amazed by the slick design of the T-shirts and how eye catching the logo was.

Dieu knew he had hit the jackpot. He began to put in heavy investment to build his idea into a reality. He managed to use the letters D-I from his own name,then added the ending “CHINO” to create the full name for the brand.


From that summer of 2014Dichino Clothing was born!

Starting up:

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Dichino clothing at the very start. The first draft of merchandise didn’t generate any profit.

Most of the t-shirts in the first draft were given out to rappers, allowing Dichino to set a stable fan base. After the second month, the label picked. Significantly! Soon enough, everyone in the city knew of Dichino and everyone could recognize the unique logo of the company… Imagine,there’s even a song about the brand!!


Dichino is supported by a plethora of  well known celebrities, such as Paigey Cakey, Avelino, Lady Leshur, Section Boyz, Nile Ranger, Blade Brown, Frisco, J Hus and a whole list of names that are pillars of the community.


Dichino is truly a street brand designed on the streets, for the streets, by the streets. Helping all to embrace where they are from.

“The logo and the name makes the brand very unique, most brands have a concept to do with money but my brand is more about a street lifestyle.”

Challenges and Achievements:

Dieu says the biggest challenge he had to overcome, was the profit losses:

“ Before you see a huge sum of profit being made you will have to go through the process of profit losses and also months where your business feels quiet.”

Resilience is a key trait in business and Dieu has kept persistent through the highs and lows of Dichino Clothing.

He takes pride in his greatest achievement, which is his ability to fight through the road of people who expressed disbelief towards him and his brand. He has fought through and has left victorious.

So what’s your worth?

His advice to young dream chasers and entrepreneurs who have big dreams like him is:

“Never listen to those who doubt you and focus on what you feel is special. Chase the dream without stopping or having second thoughts. Learn to take risks. You won’t experience life if you do not leave your comfort zone.”


Don’t listen to the haters. Work on your graft. Leave the victor. A very simple, but powerful message to the youths of today.

He credits his success to the support he’s received from friends, family and the community who have supported him from the start. Even the people with the strongest mindset need the support of others to flourish.

The Team Now:
Dieu has always been in education, pushing the boundaries of his knowledge. He started studying Business Information Systems at a university in London. This is where he met 2 of the other owners of Dichino, Prince and Richard. When Dieu met Prince, he brought to light, the fact that he owned a clothing line. Prince congratulated him on his success so far and told Dieu that his brother is a designer, about to start his own clothing line. Dieu thought it would be a great idea to add the two brothers as owners to the clothing line, after assessing their knowledge and experience with his partner, Daniel. After doing so, Dichino started to see a growth in sales and productivity, due to investments.
Richard also became part of Dichino due to the investments and knowledge he was also adding. The team of 5 owners then used the individual skills they have, as a team to push and elevate Dichino to the stage they’re currently at.

Dieu aims to make Dichino a global competitor by expanding the size of the brand with new garments and new designs.

 Dieu has shown how you can turn your life from one path, to the other, just with some hard work, determination and a single idea. So,what’s your excuse?
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