Why do we get so upset and angry when our earpieces break or stop working? 

How long can you last without listening to music?

One week , One day, One hour?

The young people of today are incredibly music orientated. Music is used as a tool of self-expression and sharing of views, a common interest between individuals which leads to different conclusions. From the formation of friendships to a way to memorize notes for revision, music means so much to so many.

1. Its helps us complete tasks:

Think for a hot second. When those chores are piling up on a sunny Saturday morning, or you have an endless essay to complete. What helps you get through. What helps you take your mind off those long hours. I am pretty sure it’s the sound of your favourite song.

Music has become an overwhelming solution to all our problems. It provides us with getaway. A place to escape. Our own little world where none of our problem exist. Just distant thoughts, which become irrelevant as soon as that play button is pressed.

2. It deeply connects with our minds

It’s intriguing to see how oblivious people are to the overwhelming effects music has over our minds.

When someone breaks your heart, when you need to find motivation, when you need to reminisce. What is the first thing most do?

We search for that one song in our vast variety of playlists. That one song that connects the right neurons in your brains, which then releases the right hormones in your glands, leaving you feeling stable.

Wow that’s a Samsung Ace . Just know all the songs in that playlist were not paid for.


The specific vibrations and frequencies from the music, and careful choices of vocabulary and metaphors from the lyrics which penetrate our minds and emotions, and race through our bodies like a virus.

3. The Art of Harmonisation

The sound of harmonies may seem like just a beautiful thing to listen to, however it  has a great scientific depth which explains why it stimulates our brain and body.

To put it simply; there are certain frequencies generated from sound. These sounds have wavelengths that are able to interweave in synchronization with the frequencies, our very own brain emits from daily activities such as thinking. These frequencies can cause your brain to release different types of hormones; such as Dopamine- this is responsible for making you happy.

And Estrogen which is the hormone that makes you sad.

4. It manipulates our emotions

These simple vibration of sounds and different frequencies we pick up can cause us as humans to feel many different things.

For example, what do we after a tough life experience? Most pussies *cough*…People would listen to the likes of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Their music becomes relatable . It seems like they understand completely what we are going through without even knowing. Their music become the perfect tool for reminiscing.

When you want to get some immense gains in the gym you listen to fast tempo motivational music. A simple song can cause to push your body beyond its own limitations.

There’s a reason why music from groups like “67”can instantly transform you from Innocent “Idris”- who consistently completes the extension in class that no one looks at. Into “Savage Izzy”  who takes no survivors.

Music has power over us in society. Think about it. Every single note of every single song makes you feel a certain type of way. Crazy how a song can change your mood completely in that 3 minute duration.

5. Your Body Can Become Rather Dependent.

So, how long can you last without listening to music?

One week , One day, One hour?

Amongst the youth music is like a drug, and we are all addicts

Infact the lines between the effects of music and the effects of drugs on our bodies become very blurred. Very quickly.

  • Your body can become very dependent to be point where if you are starved you might not be able to function properly.
  • Why do we get so upset and angry when our earpieces break?
  • Does music really enable us to do our daily activities properly?

Told you the lines become blurred very quickly!

The music takes over.

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