Posing for Instagram and making for Snapchats may be the only taste of modelling many of us will experience. However for Sean Kampiyawo, this is his day to day job. We all dream we could strike poses for the camera and appear on magazines and billboards, but Sean has captured his ambitions, focused on his goals, and now he is living his dream.


Sean is 17 and comes from the east side of London ( Canary Wharf). He has worked with top fashion industry such as: Fashjonn, Topman and has officially secured a photo shoot opportunity with Nike.

Only 17 and he is completing a photo shoot with one of the biggest corporations in the world. Amazing! After a slow start to his modelling career two years ago, things started to pick up about 5 months ago. He was resilient, focused, and determined. Now the only way is up for Sean.


Starting Out:

Sean started his career by doing unpaid shoots for small clothing lines just in the name of fun. It wasn’t until he was contacted by an agency seeking to sign him, that he realized the incredible opportunities just within his reach. As a result he made the firm decision to pursue this career and tap into his potential.


In order for him to have done that: Sean had to ignore the overwhelming towers of excuses and doubts in his mind. Screaming, and shouting why it wouldn’t work.

He had to keep his eye on the one reason why it would work. A skill that takes discipline and serious passion. Something we can all learn from.


Fast-forward to this year, Sean has signed to many management agencies which have grasped him paid jobs for companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Boots and even features in movies. Whats more outstanding is that he is just a regular everyday London raised boy with an outstandingly admirable work ethic.

Sean has gone through lengths to be where he is today. Doing work for free isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, but he persevered through it and is now basking in the rewards of his hard work.

Challenges And Overcoming Obstacles:

Sean found that it was difficult finding the right balance between college, his career and his social life. Also the stigma of male models isn’t an easy thing to deal with. His friends often thought he was a “sweet boy” due to his career in modelling.

The prejudice he and other male models have to face is “ridiculous”.  However things started to seem better as he stuck to his graft and believed in his achievements. Then when he started to earn money for his hard work, this just made him want to work harder and work smarter.

He holds a special place in his heart for people who work to earn money no matter what job it might be.

You are going to have to do things which you might not necessarily like but the rewards will be fruitful. 


The Future:

Sean’s end goal is to be signed to one of the best agencies around such as SelectModels. He also wants his career to take him around the world, where his will be put in the most iconic places and next to the names of the biggest brands on this planet!



I will work until the day I walk into a shop, and friends and family go: “Look Sean, its you.”

Support And Backing:

Sean considers everyone he interacts with to be his team. Everyone who encourages him to continue, takes his pictures, edits them, promotes them or anyone who just aids him to his path to success is considered part of his team.

His biggest source of support is his management, as they work 9 hours a day looking for new and upcoming opportunities for him and other models like him. He wouldn’t be where he was today without them. (He has currently taken a brief pause on the shoots due to college, but he does have a Nike photo shoot soon so keep an eye out!)

So what’s your worth?

Sean’s advice to young dream chasers and models is ” to do whatever you need to do to get to where you want to be”.

Never let anyone tell you a certain career path is not achievable and is not worth committing to. If a certain career path is not going to make you happy, then do not pursue it. Never do something just for the money.

He also credits his success to his mother.

Without her guidance and emotional/financial support then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So there you have it. Another young person taking those crucial steps to achieving their life time goal. The real question is, have you taken yours? And if you haven’t, when will you take the first step?

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