He channels his inner Picasso to materialize his manifesting imagination onto a canvas, creating a work of art with a piece of his mind inside the concepts of the painting itself. Michael Sowole is a 16 year old from Peckham. He attends sixth form at Harris Academy Peckham, and is using nothing but a brush and pen to convey some amazing pieces of art.

Michael loves expressing himself through forms of art due to:

“The excitement, praise, and room for expansion.”

Having taught himself the skill to draw at the miraculous young age of 4, he then taught himself to paint at the age of 10. Micheal had all the skills he needed to succeed before he even entered secondary education. Why did he pursue this dream you ask?  It’s a talent that abides him. Something he would like to take far beyond his wildest dreams.


Michael has a unique focus on African culture, and manipulates the colours associated to aid him find his unique touch. He is inspired by the people around him and the culture he grew up around.

 His message: “I paint to make people see Africa as a beautiful place”

We asked Micheal about the attributes that are a necessity when it comes to being a world-class artist:

“One needs to be consistent, love what they do, be unique and experiment different techniques and styles.”

Essentially this means if you desire to become the best of the best, you need to exhibit consistency, passion, and a unique nature. He and his A-Level art class bounce off each other and help each other grow as individual artists.


Right now, Micheal has a few of his pieces on display in an exhibition located at the Peckham Platform. It is at the heart of the area. He is expanding beyond his limitations and pushing towards his works being placed in even bigger exhibitions such as the TATE Modern- something that will be happening unbelievably soon.

His work has captured the eyes of many top public figures in society- such as Lord Harris. Many have offered a vast amount of money for his impeccable hand-work.

One day Micheal wants people to recognise him by his signature, and  wishes for everyone from every walk of life to appreciate his graft, and to love the art he produces.


Micheal has succumbed to many challenges during his journey:

“My work has not always been appreciated. Many just don’t see the deeper hidden layers. It was this blindness that made me feel like my work was futile and useless. However, I didn’t let that stop me, I kept pushing and making artwork; now I can say my work is appreciated by everyone that sees them.”

Micheal has never felt the need to quit his dream due to his consistent artistic prose, plus the support he receives from family and friends. He has sold his work to many famous individuals. Somewhere out there, someone has paid for one of Michael’s works and has it hung up on their wall.


To all the dream chasers out there. Michael has some advice for you:

“Just keep doing your thing and be consistent, soon enough you’ll discover your style and technique if you haven’t. Consistency and perseverance is key.”


What’s next for Michael? What does he have planned? He expects to graduate from university and pushing his artwork further. From bigger exhibitions to galleries, offices, and other people’s houses.

We need more young individuals like Michael to paint the way to success so that we can follow. On that note, brush over it yourself. The world is your canvas. You are the artist. Paint your future.


Kevin Le

Kevin Le. 17. Currently studying English Literature, History and Government & Politics at Haberdasher's Aske's Hatcham College. 🙂
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