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This is a topic which can be fragile to some people. It is quite delicate and holds a lot of controversy. Read this article with an open mind. Use it to help you see a different perceptive.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change

(When talking about beauty we will be mainly referring to beauty in people and objects)

According to the dictionary, beauty is ‘a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.’

As humans, we are only able to see because light has been reflected and shone into our eyes. Meaning with no light we can not see anything. No light. No sight.

So if beauty is a combination of traits that appeal to the visual senses, what happens to the beauty which cannot be seen by the naked eye? The hidden beauty behind everything.

The beauty only you can see.

The one society is blind to because we are unable to see with our hearts and minds( instead of just our eyes).

The beauty everyone calls ugly.

Beauty vs Attraction:

From research, scientist have deemed facial symmetry to have an effect on the amount of attraction in both males and females.

Apparently more symmetrical faces are more pleasant to look at, thus making them a more beautiful person. Right?

Does this mean, if one has no physical attraction, one has no beauty?

Unfortunately, the concept of true beauty is sometimes misinterpreted for the shallow layer of attraction that is described by words such as pretty and handsome.

Word such as these mostly used to describe physical attraction.

This trait is only one aspect of the whole idea, only one piece of the puzzle, for true beauty has the attributes of an iceberg.

Sometimes majority of it is hidden and submerged under deep waters.

It requires deep exploration, and the willingness to step out of the norm in order for it’s true form to be discovered.

A lot of the time in modern society, we discuss beauty in terms of only aesthetics and by what we see, and how it looks.

We only seem to use one sense organ to make our final judgement, meaning when something is deemed as ugly or unattractive, a lot of the time we refer to the physical appearance.

We don’t bother to explore the submerged elements which is hidden from our visual senses like and iceberg.

And why is that?:

Maybe we are too scared to enter the deep waters of hidden beauty.

Maybe, we don’t want to step out of the societal boundaries restraining us. When something is out of the ordinary or is just too different, our failure to understand causes a withdrawal.

We don’t understand it so we don’t like it. Sadly, this causes our vision to be closed and subjective.

We are unable to see the beauty that others see in people. We call them blind when really, we are the ones with the blurred visions.

Perfection and Beauty:

A lot of the time perfection is linked to beauty. The idea of being flawless is like an overruling end goal causing many young people, to take steps to enhance their physical attributes, in an attempt to reach that point of impossibility.

Perfection is a dead end, it leaves no room for improvement.

From the use of make-up, to the application of filters on our Instagram photos. We are increasingly obessed with adding artificial features to our natural state- in order to look “perfect”. Everything is altered to seem better. How can we truly judge the weight of someone’s beauty when we are surrounded by a superficial filter? Some people even go as far as operations to improve their physical features. We hate flaws and mistakes to the point where we willing switch and swap body parts in order to achieve this false sense of beauty through perfection? Is it truly beauty if you have to alter your natural features?

All it is really is deception. We don’t like being deceived yet it is still encouraged through media and society as we even see digitally configured images of various celebrities and public figures circulating around us all the time.

We admire these people unaware that the attributes we are trying to emulate are not naturally possible. This ‘beauty’ through perfection has been created by a series of 0’s and 1’s, not foundation and concealer.

Perfection is a dead end, because it leaves no room for improvement.

The Media and its effect on our mindset:

Sometimes we need to consider if our idea of beauty originate from our personal experiences, or from the media and society.

Because society shapes the way we think, and the way we think shapes society.

Unfortunately, there has been numerous times where media and society has shaped our perceptions, causing powerful consequences.

A good example was the dilemma between the complexions in the black race. For many years the lighter, more fairer type of black people have been perceived as more beautiful and attractive than the darker more melanin filled.

A concept which sprung from the era of slavery:

Slave masters would have sexual intercourse with some of the female slave workers, and after giving birth, the children were allowed to work inside the houses of the slave masters rather than on the plantations.

This has caused a division between the race- something which is still seen sometimes in this era. The idea of superior beauty in lighter skinned females is exaggerated further through media, leading to devastating repercussions, as some darker-skinned black individuals  still strongly despise their complexion.

Some hate it to the point that they utilize external chemicals, to reduce the amount of melanin their skin produces. A process commonly known as “bleaching”.


As a generation we need to realise beauty has a more deeper meaning than just physical attraction. When something is beautiful, it could be a referral to soulful, emotional, or mental attribute as well. Remember, the majority of an iceberg is below the surface. Hidden.

As mentioned before, true beauty can not always be seen with the eyes. Sometimes it is an experience. Sometimes it’s a feeling. In regards to people: it could even be how someone makes you feel that is beautiful, not the person themselves.

Whatever the case, don’t let media, society, or other people dictate to you what is beautiful and what isn’t. Don’t let their concepts blind your vision. Beauty is a subjective thing, it isn’t set in stone. Everyone has a personal experience that can allow the beauty to be seen even in the ugliest situations. That’s how people can form strong attachments with the most extraordinary people and objects.

Even when the whole world shouts ‘outcast’. Even when no one wants to associate. Some people still find the hidden beauty, they explore and create that deep connection. Many might not understand. Many might dislike. However, as humans we can not force ourselves to feel exactly how others feel, we can not experience that same exact passion.

We can try, but it won’t be perfect.

And sometimes it is that imperfection that brings the beauty.

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