A lot of wishful musicians hope for break through. They desire for that fame and stardom. However, not all are willing to work for it, not all are dedicated enough to fulfill their dreams. Unlike Tizzy, a 17 year old black British boy from a pioneering Nigerian family who lives within North West London.


Tizzy is rapper and all round musician. Being only 17 years of age, he went from making his first track in his bedroom, to releasing a track featuring Mo Stack and another, featuring Paigey Cakey in the space of 1 year.

So young and has already collaborated with some of the top artists in the UK!

Starting Up:

From an early age, Tizzy always had a love for music.

‘When I was young I used to dance and sing along in front of the TV whenever the music channel came on.’

The passion grew within him as he grew older, he didn’t just want to listen to music but makes his own. He wanted to leave his mark in the industry.

‘Whenever i hear good music I get nice vibes off it. It allows me to analyse, I see how I can fit my own flow to the beat. It makes me creative ’.

Getting into the scene:

To help turn his dreams into a reality, Tizzy built up many unique talents which allowed him to be involved in the music scene.

Before rapping Tizzy was a DJ between the ages of 11 to 15,  and he has also partaken in writing songs for other upcoming artists. One way or another Tizzy wanted to make sure the people knew his name. In order to that he had to gain experience.

Although Tizzy has only been rapping for 2 years, he has definitely made a name for himself on social media. His shoe game freesytles have become some of the most popular on Instagram, many with over 2000 likes , and 300 reposts.



Like most successes obstacles are inevitable. They are part of the journey, and sometimes even play a vital role in the come-up. When Tizzy first began his music career, he was met with many obstacles. He had no knowledge of the industry so things such as: trying to find a regular studio to use really held him back. He also found it hard to actually get people to listen to his music however he never gave up. He knew he wanted to gain from a career in this industry, so he kept putting out content. He networked. He got help. He built up his link, and slowly but surely his perseverance helped him to get to where he is today.


Tizzy says his biggest supporters are his family and friends;

They have been by my side through thick and thin, and have helped me

Tizzy is currently working on some new singles, and is working hard to bring out an EP next year too. It will be titled ‘Humble Beginnings’.

The theme of this EP will be based on Tizzy’s comeup and his struggle to get noticed in the music industry. It will be released early next year.

What Can We Take From Tizzy?

It  is important to stick to your passions no matter what. Tizzy had a passion for music from a young age , and he made sure he turn that passion into a lifestyle. It is also very important to network, find links , and meet new people. In this day and age, you have no idea how large people links are. They might not be able to help you directly, but I can assure you they might know somewho can. Surround yourself with the people you look up to. Influence them the way they influence. Take these lessons that Tizzy applied in his journey and you will be one step closer to your goals.

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