“A camera, a brush, a mind. All tools utilised to express ones thoughts and emotions to the world outside.

But only a few can use these tools so effectively that their creations can inspire others and plant new ideas in minds!”


Adoniah Haslam, is a double-barrelled Artist-stroke-Photographer. 17, from Derby, and is hungry for that success!


He is propelling himself into a secure future by pursuing the passion that runs through his veins! Adoniah has worked with some of the top companies in the UK and he also has a company of his own named”Akmi”.



It is a visuals/photography companies; his team excel through their incredible creation of stock photos and have collaborated with many organisations and companies, making fine art of their products.

The company also gets hired for events and special occasions: from weddings to baby showers, they do it all! This is only because Akmigram is the best at; capturing every moment, zooming into every emotion and creating beautiful memories.

It is a business that pays well, and open doors for many connections and networks!


All at the tender age of 17. It hasn’t been easy at all. Adoniah has been met by many obstacle but his progression  has inspired a creative spark in his peers, his family, and everyone around him!

He describes his passions for art and photography as a “fountain of endless opportunities, that is beneficial to every single person on the face of this earth.”


drawn by adonia


Starting Up:

He started chasing his dreams from the age of 11 for photography, and an even younger age of 6 for art.

The creativity has been developed ever since.

When you acquire talent at such a young age like Adoniah, you have to find an outlet that allows you to express yourself. Adoniah found it in art and photography.

Funny enough, Adoniah doesn’t like to differentiate the two.

“Photography is art,your camera is your brush. The lens is your paint. Your photograph is your painting”

Deeper Meanings:

Photography and art for Adoniah is much much more than a press of a button or flick of a brush.

Its deeper than that. It is something that hits him closer to the heart.

Photography for him is all about “composition, atmosphere and essence within a view or memory that is captured and preserved for many years. It’s about showing people the deeper context in the things that normally go unnoticed.

Art as a passion changed the perception of people around him, which is a mantra of ours here at WorthOfMouth:

adonia 7

Visuals  like this provide onlookers with a deep contextual meaning.

“Over time I started to look at art from a deeper perspective, I wouldn’t just see it as a hobby or talent but an opportunity to get my views out and show people the world for what it really is.”

The passion Adoniah expresses towards his dreams and ambitions is just phenomenal. It is truly beautiful when one becomes so passionate to the point where it becomes more than words. It’s emotional.


Personally, Adoniah believes his biggest achievement isn’t creating his very own company at the age of 17, or  working with some of the upcoming big names of the country such as Biston Labs and Sol Supply- Akmigram  literally get booked for everything.

The quality and expression in their photographs are incredibly appealing to the eyes.

Adoniah has even been booked to photograph a funeral. An experience he called;”daunting yet exciting”!




However, AD solemnly believes his most profound achievements is becoming an inspiration to all sorts of people. He never had it easy pursuing his dreams, but he never gave up.

When so many people say things like: “You’ve inspired me to start drawing again! It feels incredible to know I have that impact on other people”.

“The amount of pride, satisfaction and peace that you feel  is immense and so powerful, so powerful to the point it can make you smile because never in your life would you think, you’d get to a stage where you are inspiring others to pick up a pen or camera.

Even my nephew is getting so interested in taking photos and me being able to teach him how to use it and understand it gives me an unexplainable joy.”

As Rapper Rick Ross said himself:

It is not always about how much money you have made, sometimes it is about how much you have helped the people around you, or just how large your impact is on the people around you.

drawn by Adonia


Difficulties are no stranger to anyone who finds themselves trying to chase their dreams. For Adoniah, the biggest challenge he had to over come was the emotional drawbacks gained after he was kicked out of his sixth form.

My passion cannot be caged

drawn by Adonia

It seemed Sixth form was always trying to maintain his flame for Art and Photography, without realizing the affects it was having on him self esteem and  performance.

“Sixth form wasn’t like a canon for me to reach my dreams and aspirations.

It didn’t allow me to expand. I put time and effort into the work I produced because I love it.

A lot of the things I would be dying to do would just get neglected because they didn’t understand.

They tried telling me what route to go, and not one teacher told me to be the next greatest artist but told me to hurry and complete a book. They told me to do the work because I had to, not because I would have loved to.

“They made it a chore.” 

All of these things were a hint to Adoniah that Sixth Form was just not for him.

“It started to make me turn against my own talents. I then decided to leave and now I am currently in college, running a Visuals company, setting up 2 art companies, my poetry channel and even now starting a comic. Who said you need Sixth Form to do all those?”


Taken by Adonia

Sometimes in life, if you have your mind set on one thing. One vision. One dream. Your passions will grow fiercer and stronger. As this happens, you will be presented with many difficult decisions. Life changing choices that require faith, determination , and the ability to not look back.


Sacrifice. It comes with success.

The measurement of how badly you want this dream, is calcuated through how much you are willing to give up.

How much you are willing to sacrifice just to see it come true.

In our journey to success many things will slow us down and hold us back. It takes a lot of will power to be brave and let the things holding you back go.

For Adoniah the thing holding him back was Sixth Form. What’s holding you back? Fear? Doubt? “Friends”?

At the end of the day Sixth Form is not the only way to ‘make it’ in life.

Everyone is different in learning and in preference. It doesn’t matter where you start in life or how you are to begin with. It only depends on where you end up. Surely With time, effort and Passion you will make it.

taken by Adoniah

What Can We Take From Adoniah?:

The foundations for his success have been passion, drive, love, effort and dreams. All these determinants come together beautifully in a simple equation:

“Passion = Drive. Drive x Love = Effort. Effort + Dreams = Success. Effort.”

You want something? You have the power to get it, and it takes effort. It won’t be easy.

Never wish for it to be easy. Wish for the will power to keep going even when it is tough. It’s like building a house, first you need the foundation (Passion), and then you need the Structure/ Skeleton (Effort) and then the walls roof, painting anything to top it off (Success).

This chain has helped Adoniah helping him get to where he is now.  If you follow this simple formula, you will surely have mindset to reach any point you want. Never stop your grind. One day it will all pay off.

That’s Adoniah’s worth; whats yours?


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