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“Not all who wander are lost, the search for success is found in those who take the path that has no map”- Unknown

Adam Jacobs is a 16-year-old model, dancer and a newly established musician from Hackney East London. He has only been in the music industry for one month however his music has already made its way into vast amount of playlists all around London and UK. His journey to success is still ongoing however, at 16 he has already overcame many life changing experiences.

Music and Modelling:

Adam otherwise known by his stage name ‘AJ’ , had only discovered his talent for music in December. Through sheer effort and determination, within only a month he has managed to achieve what many musicians, who have been in the industry for almost years have been unable to achieve.

His first single , ‘Say it back’ has already  gained over 55k views on soundcloud and has been accompanied with a music video which currently has over 10,000 views. An amazing achievement for someone who has only been in the music industry for such a short amount of time

AJ has already been featured on numerous radio stations such as Reprezent FM and already has been given the opportunity to be signed by a record label. All under one month. Just one month. 31 days. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

Even prior to his success in music, Adam was already quite comfortable with having a camera being placed in front of him. From a young age he was known to have a photogenic face and nice smile. This allowed him to begin his journey to success as a fast growing model. From shoots for companies to stock photos you name it. Adam has done it. Recently, he had a photo shoot for an up- coming clothing line called – AmbitiousMinds.

This shoot then granted him the massive opportunity to model side by side with some of the biggest names in fashion at the ‘London fashion week for men’.

WOM Guides: See the opportunity in every problem, not the problem in every opportunity. It is important.


Challenges and obstacles come with package known as success. Don’t wish for the journey to be easy. Wish for the will power and resilience to make it through when the journey gets hard.

The main challenge that Adam faced during his progression of talents from singing to modelling, was balance. You see, one of the major keys to success is the ability to functionally establish balance in your life. The act of spreading your time efficiently across all your priorities and commitments is truly an important skill.

Initially, Adam struggled to find a balance between school, modelling, and music. He always seemed to find that something was being neglected. However, by planning and working smart he was able to quickly use every second of his day effectively achieving many successes. (Check out our article on smart work to learn how you can also do the same.)

Adam says:

“I make time to balance my school work as well as my other passions.”

By setting himself targets through the creation of a timetable to ensure he is using every second of day productively.


” I spend 2-3 hours a day revising or just going over previous work I have done during the day at college. After those 2/3 hours, I just do me and live life. I write lyrics and usually get messages and calls from up-coming clothing lines and current clothing lines. Time is precious. It is the only thing that gets spent everyday no matter what!

WOM Guides: Do not stress. Becoming a master of time and execution just takes a bit of organisation and discipline. Article on “How To Use Your Time Effectively” coming soon. 

The Journey Is Not Easy:

1 month ago, AJ didn’t see himself doing music due to being put down by others. They consistently reminded Adam that music “wasn’t for him”. At times their harsh words hit him hard. However, friends reassured him haters are jealous that just want to see others fail in life.

It doesn’t stop there though. Adam faced an attack that happened to him which could have almost cost his life. This traumatic experience, caused him to block out a lot of people and become rather antisocial. The physical wounds have healed however the mental scars still dwell upon his mind at times.

Making A Change + Achievements:

After that tragic moment Adam decided to take himself away from his normal lifestyle. He decided he wanted to prove haters wrong and do something with his talents!

Adam being just a beginner was lucky to find a good mentor to help him manipulate his hidden talents.

“Everyday he told me to just practice, practice and practice! I now know I am not doing this for attention but to change my life and make my family proud!”

The first song Adam released was produced by the big grime producer’ Dot Rottern’. ‘Dot Rotten’ has had millions of views for his music. He was able to create the beat for Adams first single “say it back”. Since it’s release, ‘Say it back’ has gained over 55k views on soundcloud and has also been accompanied with a music video which has also reached over 10,000 views. AJ also has another single “Don’t Care’. The consists of motivational messages that refer to the ignorance of haters and just following ones dream.

AJ is so good that he has already been given the opportunity to be signed. Many call him the next ‘Chris Brown’.

With a promotion team of 80, along with work put in from Adam himself, his manager and his consistency, it is no surprise Adam has been so successful in such a short period of time and the only way from here for Adam is up, from seeing what he could do in a month we are yet to see what he’d be able to do in even more time.

Tips From The Top:

Adam’s advice to us all concerning identification of our worth is to never give up and to pursue your life goals regardless of opinion. Those who hate on you aren’t relevant as you make yourself who you are, don’t expect everything to come to you, go out and GET it.

So What Can We Take From Adam?:

Your dream is possible. Always remember your dream is possible. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, or obstacles you find in front of you. Just remember your dream is possible! You are never too young to achieve. What the mind can imagine, the mind can create!

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