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It is almost the end of the first month of 2016. Traditionally, the New-Year symbolizes the end of a cycle and beginning of a new one. It is the start of a new year, the start of a new month, it’s even the start of a new day- that you’ve never lived before. Some see this as a new beginning and a new chance. A chance to get something right. A chance to change.

So what do we do, we look at our past and make changes to present, so we can better the future. However, a lot of the time these changes are temporary. The changes of habit are either too weak to be felt, or too strong to be broken .

But, use these 5 Killer Ways to make this your year of success. The year that finally makes you breakthrough – Make It Happen!

Many might say they have the key to sticking to their New Year’s resolutions or for achieving success… However once you’re done reading this, you’ll have the ultimate solution in your hands.

1. Have A Purpose:

A lot of the time we are unable to make changes for the better because we have our principles and values in the wrong place.

Always pursue your main life purpose and every day work towards achieving it. This is the key to making a change in your life, and key to moving with direction and meaning. As opposed to working at something you have no passion for, you need to work towards something that ultimately benefits you.

Having a purpose and writing it down solidifies your dreams, and will make it easier for you to envision yourself achieving it. Writing turns thoughts into creations.

Next Step: (The 3 Focused Dreams)

  1. Write 20 goals and aspirations you want to achieve in life.
  2. Highlight 5 of these dreams. These are now the 5 goals you focus on, and the others come secondary. Every day you should work towards one of the 5 dream.
  3. Write these 5 things, and under each one, specifically write mini-goals and how you’re going to achieve your mini-goals in 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 1 year and so on…

2. Determination:

It really doesn’t matter what obstacles we seem to face in our life. All you have to do is keep your mind on your goals then nothing will seem to slip. Find the drive to keep you moving, and this will help you survive on your climb to success and falls if you fail.

We all have setbacks but what matters is getting back up and getting on track not losing any sense of direction. This will truly show that YOU can keep going. That’s what it truly means to have determination. Determination is key because with it you will be able to open any door of opportunity. Trust me on this, if you have the right mind-set you’ll get through your hardships and your goals will be achieved.


You won’t miss your target. Don’t worry about those that try to hate your grind. Once you get where you want to be they’ll say they missed and supported you but remember to never be swayed, and stay on track.

Now let me ask you, where do you want to be in the next 3 years?

Do you want to sit as others achieve their dreams and prosper or do you want to feel proud for achieving your goals and look back without any regret? – It’s your choice.

3. Stay Positive:

Make sure you stay optimistic stay confident because a lack of self-confidence can make you fall from the ladder of success. If you don’t believe in your own ability to make a change then who else is going to believe in your ability. It starts with you.

We should have a mind-set of positivity because even if you fall, it wouldn’t be a failure… it’ll be a lesson for the future. You either win or you learn. We want you to prove your haters and doubters wrong, and make sure at the end of the day they have nothing to say..!

Know that your future is always going to be bright leave the negativity and darkness in your life because it can stop you from achieving. The joy of winning needs to be greater than the fear of failing. Get to that point and success is yours.

4:Find The Right Crowd To Motivate You:

Your salary is the average of your 5 closest friends salaries.

Surround yourself with the right people that will guide you towards the right path, surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you.

In hard situations you’ll find who really is there for you. Who’s ready to go through thick and thin with you to make sure at the end you feel like you’ve achieved greatness. Find people who will motivate you to stay with your commitments and stay on your case when you don’t.

The real ones will keep pushing you… They’ll tell you to keep going because whilst on the road to success if you fall they’ll be your trampoline; helping you bounce back. You need people to bring you up when you’re down. Only the gold- hearted ones will catch you when you fall.

Family and friends are the most important thing on the planet. Cherish and let them help you excel.

Next Step (Thirds law):

  1. Spend a third of your time with people learning from you.
  2. Spend a third of your time with people on your level.
  3. Spend a third of your time with people much more successful than you.


4.Don’t Base Your Goals On Just Materialistic Things:

There are some that base their ambitions only money money. Many the rich people in the world don’t feel content they feel empty inside..! This what only chasing the money does to you. Isn’t it funny? Now you wonder why so many commit suicide. We need to choose our own paths to happiness. Then our minds will be straight if your chasing the trend soon enough. Chasing the wrong route will lead you into a past of misery.


In order to stay true to a commitment you need to want to gain something money can’t buy. It doesn’t mean you won’t need materialistic things to get there, but in the end your feeling of accomplishment should be caused by something deep from within..

5.If You Love Something Fight For It:

Patience is always a virtue. Waiting is a test. Good things don’t come in a rush. As you build your habits, you will not see an instantaneous changes. I’m sure you know that. However, you will never really understand the true extent of that line until the progress comes slow.

If you fail to be patient. You will miss many opportunities and a lack of patience normally leads to quitting. If you fail do not quit! Ever! For F.A.I.L merely stands for:

“First Attempt In Learning”

As you make changes to bring you closer to your goals. There will be struggles. There will be times when you want to crumble under your own darkness and setbacks. Just know that, if you really want to succeed quitting is not an option.

Here’s a handy equation for success:

(Passion + Talent) x the right Association x (the right Action + a strong confidence in ability) = Your Personal Success Equation.

As you can see, passion is part of the equation. It is extremely important, and if there is no passion in the thing you’re doing, then perhaps it’s not for you.

Think with an open mind, remember success takes time, and this is your time to shine. Don’t let people hold back from your true potential. It is never too late to achieve your dreams. The path you take to get there is down to you, you will make it, we believe in you.


We are the authors of our fate. You decide your story…


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