Over 5,000,000 Views. Over 40,000 Subscribers. Under 17 Years Old.

Arya Mosallah, a 16 year old boy from North London who has managed to form a thriving YouTube channel. “ItzArya” has gained over 40,000 subscribers and 1 of his videos hit over 5 million views! Alongside being a photographer and an artist, he has achieved many successes. Starting with a passion, a dream and an iPad, he has achieved something that many new YouTubers only dream of having.

The chances of making it big on YouTube are incredibly hard. Infact only 1 in 500,000 become successful Youtubers. It is actually easier to become a professional sports player than go big on YouTube.

The difficulties of forming a fan base or the incredibly dedication needed cause many to give up early. However, Arya is an individuals who has successfully managed to sacrifice other things for his passion to entertain and simply make his fans happy alongside tackling the many challenges life brings. He has been a major inspiration in doing so!

A Boy With A Camera:

His YouTube biography says it all. Arya being a young boy with a camera, he channels his passion and genuine love for entertaining people. The Youtube channel ‘ItzArya’ was started last year in 2015. He had always had a love and passion for film making and editing. After a few months he realized instead of building someone else’s dreams, he was going to build his own and with an iPad and a phone call to one of his friends, the channel ‘ItzArya’ was birthed and took off almost immediately.

I bet you’re wondering what Arya does on his channel that is so great, well Arya conducts social experiments in which are thought to be thought-provoking and also entertaining. His channel also consists of pranking videos and questionnaires which discuss opinions from the public on specific topics, but particularly the thoughts and opinions of young people today.

This has proven to build a large fan base along with positive responses and a lot of support from young people. Arya took part in the ‘School boy mugging experiment’ which he deemed to be the first big thing that happened to him and from that he has progressed even more to conduct even more experiments of his own, getting him thousands of hits.


Arya is well known for his ‘Kissing pranks’, ‘Fake celebrity pranks’ and questionnaires in hot-spot locations such as Westfield and Hyde park. At the age of only 16 years old, Aryra has featured on Trollstation and BarryBee TV and has gotten over 5,000,000 views on some of his videos. Only destined for success from here!

You Can’t Stop Someone Who Doesn’t Give Up:

The main challenge in which Arya has encountered has been school. This is something which is heavily common among other young dream chasers today.

The idea of actively balancing academics alongside your dreams and passions can prove to be a rather difficult task. It is a challenge even you might be facing . You attempt to flourish in both sectors, but one always seems to suffer.

Arya has never let that stop him. He has never had the thought of ever quitting what he does, demonstrating his determination to continue to inspire upcoming YouTubers. Nothing should ever prevent you from proceeding in where your heart is and what you excel at, one must simply learn to identify a balance between what you love and what you must do.

Future Goals:

Arya has big dreams of receiving ‘The plaque’. This is an award given to  youtubers for their hard work by YouTube itself.

‘It will show just how much my hard work had off’,

. He is now well on his way to receiving one of those very soon. It just goes to show how rewarding the grind can be. By eliminating doubts within his passion Arya has been incredibly successfully at working smart and achieving his ambitions which many of us strive to do on a daily basis.

What Can We Take From Arya?:

To other dream chasers out there, here are some wise words from Arya for you to take away:

‘Chase your dreams, don’t let anyone else tell you what to do. Literally just go for it because if you don’t build your dreams someone else will pay you to build theirs’.

Always do what you love. Ignore hate comments because no matter you do people will judge. Arya identified those who hate on his success to be his ‘motivation’. Any form of hate he receives literally propels him forward to do even better. We are to expect big things from such a talented entertainer.

You are never too young to take action on your dreams. Go out into the world and make it happen!

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