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Have you ever questioned or pondered on what love means to you on an emotional level?

What did it feel like when you were in ‘love’ – has it been a thrilling journey or a learning curve?

Have you ever felt neglected by someone due to their lack of empathy – that one sided love, where you exert all your efforts yet it is never given back.

Lets start with a riddle:

“What means nothing to some, yet means everything to others. However holds value to everyone when we receive it in true form.”

You see, just like that riddle at the start, love oozes such complication when one takes a first glimpse at it. However, after deciphering what it really means we feel enlightened.

Our mind expands and we gain the privilege of knowledge. For love contains many hidden layers which requires deep tearing and searching in order to find its true meaning… just like an answer to a riddle.

This concept,this feeling. It holds such power in today’s world. The active search for love can sometimes become ones life mission. It comes in so many different forms.

So we search and search for that one thing that provides us with the love that we want. It might be a person, an experience , or an object – but it all comes down to the emotions brought out.

Saying Is Different From Doing:

In our current generation love is easily said but lacks meaning and understanding. In the world of relationships, love is a word used significantly and so often that it can be perceived as rinsed out.

Love holds different values to each individual: in some relationships saying you love someone is seen as something of great value, something to tell all your friends about.

To these people love is seen almost as a covenant, a strong promise or gesture. Yet to others love is perceived to be a common word, nothing special, a word to be thrown around or a value of fallibility meaning.

Age And Love:

Lets break down the meaning of love.

Something that can be exerted via an act, something that can be felt, something that we each individually define.

What does love mean to you?

“According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is a strong feeling of affection, along with finding great pleasure within something.”

So why is it, that even with such a definition we still feel the need to define it? Why is it that according to our generation there is always a different definition for each one of us? According to society today, you have to be of a certain age to understand love.

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘you’re too young to know what love is’? Far too many right? So has our age now served as a means of blocking our knowledge of a word already defined which hints at the fact that the meaning of love is way deeper than what a piece of paper may state.

Has our generation lost that? As young people of today we tend to offer our own meanings to words, hence why our slang terminology is so advanced and attractive. Love could be identified as one of the words in which we, as a generation, have completely altered.

Image Vs Love:

Nowadays, it seems like the perfection of image outweighs the imperfections of true love. Social media and technology has allowed us to show affection for each other, even if we are great distances apart. However, it seems like more people now care about making their relationships look divine to the external world, rather than actually building the foundations of their future internally.

Things such as relationship goals on instagram have brain washed many young people to believe that love has a set infrastructure, whereas in reality it is not the presentation of all the enjoyable times, but really the commitment that isn’t seen by the world when things are pushed to the limit.

Its not about the matching clothes, and cute pictures. It is often about the things you can’t illustrate in just one picture… the loyalty, the happiness, the sadness.

For true love has characteristics of a spring. It may be stretched and pulled by arguments, disagreements and afflictions. However, when released it should return to its original form.

As they say: ” if you love something let it go, and if it loves you it will come back”

Gender and Love:

In society from such a young age, we are given many misconceptions when mixing love with gender.

For example:

“Boys are weak when they cry”

“Boys should not show emotions or affection”

“Girls are emotional human beings, they cannot control their feelings”

These are a few of the stereotypes that have been circulating our perceptions since we have been born. Isn’t it about time we change the script and rewrite the way things are done?

Sometimes, it is looked down upon for a boy to publicly express his feelings romantically for a female. Most men don’t like emotional intensity.

To some it means everything to others it means nothing. Have we lost the meaning of love? Is there any true meaning of love? Was there ever? It is down to you to find what meaning Love holds in your heart. As a famous writer, Peter McWilliams once said; “It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does.”

You can describe it as going on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s a long road, but you’ll know when you get there.


Love is not simply the fantasies of perfection, but the appreciation of the beauty in the imperfections.

Now ask yourselves, what is love to you..?

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