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“The voice is an instrument, and the words that come out your mouth is the music”- Unknown

Everyday we hear many different voices, from our conversations with people to the sounds on our television.

However, very few voices can bring such sweet harmony to our ears such as the one of Lottie Jade.

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Lottie Jade (Charlotte)is a 17 year old singer and song writer from Surrey. Lottie has over 20k followers on Instagram, 3000 subscribers on YouTube and 1800 followers on Snapchat.

She has also been recognised by the likes of Krept and Konan with her very moving covers.

All at the mere age of 17.

In her starting years in the industry, her journey was filled with many obstacles and doubts.

However, her determination to be successful has now allowed her to slowly become a more prominent figure.

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Growing Up With A Gift:

The talented singer had known of her gift from a fairly young age.

It became a lot more obvious to others too when she sang in front of her classes in secondary school.

She would always receive positive feedback, and even though at first no one took her passion for music seriously, Lottie still drove herself to pursue her dream as a professional singer.

Lottie says;

Music is a language that everyone understands’

She identified it as a way of creating connections with different people on many different levels.

From emotional pain to excitement, many are able to use music on a emotional and spiritual wave.

Music helped Lottie get through a lot of tough times in her life, so she wanted to create music which different audiences would be able to relate to, understand, and perhaps help fix their situations and problems.

With her incredibly positive mindset , she hopes to inspire others through her words – a little similar to what we do I suppose! 

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Lottie’s most famous song to date is her YouTube cover of WSTRN – In2 , with over 3600 likes and 20000 views.

She has also officially hit 100,000 views on Youtube .

All this fame has been fairly surprising for Lottie;

‘I can’t go anywhere in South London without being recognised. I get people screaming my name, taking Snapchats of me randomly when I’m walking.

Social media in itself has been extremely helpful in the expansion of Lottie Jade’s career. As her followers and viewers grew, so did her supporters and fame.

lottie jade

Lottie told us,

‘It’s a lovely feeling to know that people know who you are and for them to say such wonderful things like “you inspire me” just shows me I can’t give up and have to keep going.’

WOM GuidesIn order to be successful, you cannot rely on yourself alone.

You need support. Support can take you from nothing to something.

Big Obstacles:

It definitely hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshines.

This gifted musician has overcame so many obstacles whilst on herroad to success.

The biggest challenge for Lottie was trying to convince people that she was serious about her music.

For a while many people felt as if she was only pursuing music as a hobby.

A passion can not be caged for long, eventually it has to become part of your life.

lottie jade 2

Also her primary passion for music while in school was misinterpreted as her being a ‘teacher’s pet’ as she took her work so seriously when in music class.

With age however, Lottie realised she didn’t need to care about what others thought of her.

Time after time people tried to bring her down, but she persevered and continued to pursue her dream.

She knew it was possible to become what she had always dreamed about.

lottie jade 4

Lottie has even considered quitting at a rough stage in her life where she wanted everything to be ‘normal’ again.

“I wanted to leave my Performing Arts college and go to a normal college, leaving Lottie Jade behind and just being Charlotte. But I later realised I had come too far to go back just because of one situation that at the time hurt me a lot,  but now looking back I realised it really wasn’t that bad”.

WOM GuidesLottie didn’t allow that shadow of doubt to consume both her and her ambitions.

And neither should you! Never doubt your abilities.

You can be as great as you want to be. Just don’t give up!


A Prosperous Future:  

As a result of all Lottie’s smart work and use of her talents, she has already been able to collaborate with the likes of Jamal Woon, Tizzy and Renne Rascal. 5 years ago, she didn’t imagine herself to be where she is now.

She hopes to collaborate with the likes of Dave, Lancey Foux, Rita Ora, along with receiving a MOBO award within the next seven years- something which is definitely with in reach for Lottie.

Lottie has also been asked to be guest performer at this Year’s ‘Mr and Miss West Indies Beauty Pageant 2016’ taking place this August

What Can We Take From Lottie?:

Lottie Jade’s advice to all you dreamchasers out there is to remember that not everyone is going to have your back.

Also, a lot of the work done to get yourself to the top will have to be done by you.

Hard as this may seem, you will be able to look back and say,  “Yes. I did this all for myself. By myself”.

“The voice is an instrument, and the words that come out your mouth is the music”- Unknown

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