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Could you build a legacy with just £1000?:

Hard question to answer isn’t it? Where would you even start? What would you do?

If you are stuck for ideas, look no further than Success Team Clothing

” If victory could be worn, what would it look like?”

Well SuccessTeam do exactly that. A clothing brand brought to life by an aspiring individual, 20-year-old Jaspal Bumrah, from North London.

After leaving school at just 17 and only having £1000 to start up. Jaspal has achieved something which has entailed hours of handwork and hardship.

Actor Nathan Hector wearing the Success Team hat

Aims and Missions:

The aim of the brand is simple; to instill courage and pride within the wearer.

This is a unique outlook on a clothing brand, as many brands typically exist for their high street mantra.

“A clothing brand that motivates and empowers, to serve as a constant reminder that whatever you want to achieve in life is within your reach.”

However, it isn’t often that a brand like that of SuccessTeam clothing beckons us with its presence, changing the way we think about how and why we wear certain clothes or gravitate towards particular brands.


Success Team Co

The ethos of the brand is arguably its greatest asset, and is bound to put the organisation on a global fashion platform.

We asked Jaspal what distinguishes his brand from other upcoming and already established clothing lines, to which he answered:

“The name behind my clothing embodies success, you cannot get any simpler. Also, the magnitude of the people backing my brand and how I cater to my target audience plays a pivotal role in separating me from other brands.”



Speaking of heavy hitting names, his brand has been supported by the likes of: Ashley Walters, Paige Cakey, Kidd Kidd, Young Buck, Pleasure P and Wstrnmusic, to name a few.


                                                 “Motivation, Dedication, Determination.”


Hamza endorsing the success team clothing


The young visionary is no stranger to adversity; he spoke of how people had discouraged him in pursuing his goal, or being taken lightly about bringing his brand to life.


“In the early stages, I struggled a lot with money. Some people are fortunate enough to be given loans to start up their companies, but I left school at 17 without any qualifications.

After working so many jobs around the clock, Jaspal mustered up £1000, which he invested into his brand and bought shirts to print on.


It takes a lot of belief to leave school at such a tender age, and chase a dream such as a clothing brand.

For Jaspal to achieve such a feat, in a time and age where young people are made to think their future is reliant on their grades, is worth recognition and praise of grand multitudes.

Jaspal is one of many young people showcasing the talent London has to offer. Being in London makes it no easier, after all, the city is known for making dreams and vanquishing them just as easily.

Always Believe In Yourself:

Jaspal is a role model to all of you who have aspirations in achieving such dreams or entailing hardships in achieving your ambitions.


Keep your dream and passion at heart and chase it!

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