“Procrastination is the enemy of all success. Instead of going from A-B it will take you backwards. Going from A to Z to Y… then to B

Why do we waste time?  How is it that when we need to revise and reach deadlines at work, we leave it to the last minute?

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones.

Causing nothing to get done !

This impending problem will be a direct barrier to your goals. It is a more serious problem when it becomes a habit to someone, because the chains of habits are too weak to be felt, until they become too strong to be broken!

How do you defeat it?

From research, Surveys claim that most procrastination appears from the fear of failure and the lack of commitment.

We force ourselves into states of thought where we are surrounded around comfort.

Are there times where you just don’t feel like putting in more work, or have there been situations where, you just want to take the easy way out?

That feeling is where procrastination is born.

Here are 5 life-changing tips that will cause you to stop wasting precious seconds.

1) Know what is actually important:

It is quite eye opening and daunting to know that people can procrastinate without even knowing. This is caused by a misconception of self-centred principles.

Sometimes we undergo activities believing we are using our time effectively, however what you think is important, might not be even significant to your goals.

This confusion might cause us to place the wrong activities above the right ones. We fail to put the priorities first!

But do not worry! It can be fixed. Have a look at the quadrant below and use it to help you make the correct decisions.

What is important to you right this second? It could be revising for your upcoming exams, finishing off some course work, or even completing a project for work.

Whatever it is make sure it’s importance aligns in correlation with your set goals.

Will it contribute to your future success?  If it doesn’t then you might have to re-think.

How can Worth of Mouth help you?

Copy it out this picture, print it, make it your wallpaper, stick it in your diary; do as you wish with it, but always keep it somewhere you will be reminded when you are procrastinating.

If you would like to learn more on how to use this quadrant effectively, check out the video below and skip to : 5:29

2) Don’t think too much, just do!

If one has a dream, it remains a dream until action is taken.

Overthinking can cause you to underachieve. Has there been times where you have literally ‘thought’ yourself out of doing a task, before you even attempted?

Why dwell upon the reasons why it won’t work, instead of motivating yourself from the reasons why it will?

Put work into whatever aspirations you have and whatever issues you feel you need to overcome as immediately as possible.

If you are a person who has grave issues making snappy decisions. Use this law of 33% .

It states: 

If an opportunity arrives in-front of you. Do not wait until you are 100% to take the chance, but wait till you are only 33% sure. For if you wait any longer the opportunity will most likely be gone.

Be active in your dreams to turn them into reality.

Even if the situation is negative, if you can think of ways to better your situation, do them rather than dwelling on negative thoughts and dreaming of what life could be like.

Life is far too short not to be actively getting closer to your dreams. You have literally got to chase them.


3) Stop being lazy!

There is a reason why we say “chase your dreams” instead of “ponder over your dreams”

The word chase eliminates laziness as you are being active and doing things to get you closer to where you would like to be. Not necessarily big things, but anything that gets you closer to your dream.

Anything that gets you closer to your goal. If something needs to be done in order to save time and free yourself, then do it.

Why do you think so much of what you ‘would’ do,’could’ do, or ‘should’ be doing?

Why are you out enjoying yourself when you know you have vital things to do which will help you get to where you need to be? The answer to this isn’t complex.

Harsh as it sounds, it is all down to sheer laziness. We are far too lazy and far too fearful of putting effort into things which may or may not have a definite outcome or not have the perfect outcome.

You have to start by simply doing and believing you are able to do it. Turn your ‘I could’ into ‘I can’.

4) Do not fear failure!

Some procrastinate because they fear failing. They fear not getting their desired outcome… fairly natural.

However, let me tell you right now. If you fear failure you also fear success. Let me explain why;

Top Author Napoleon Hill said : “Success is a journey. Failure is part of that journey. Therefore if you fear failure you subliminally also fear success”

Do not let your doubts and fears cage you.

Would you rather dream forever without actually achieving anything? Or try, fail and learn from those mistakes inevitably getting closer to your goal physically or identifying whether that is really the path you want to choose?

Coming to grips with real life immediately will stop you from procrastinating, it will simply leave you no time to procrastinate.

5) Plan your way!

Make sure you have a plan. Your plan is your torch in darkness. Without a plan, you will lose yourself in the dark. Without it you are blind. Causing you to waste precious seconds and lack complete focus.

Apply all that you’ve read here to your life immediately. Regardless of how minuscule an act may be which could get you closer to your goal, do it and do it fast.

Don’t worry about how small a contribution may appear to be. Understand it is worth it as it is bringing you closer to your desired outcome.

Success and triumph wait for no one, do what you have to do and do it fast to get you where you want to be, so you don’t end up dreaming about what could have been.

“Your plan is your torch. Without it you are blind”

Doing all of these will ensure the elimination of procrastination and get you closer to where YOU need to be . Make good use of every tip.


Do you agree with these tips, or do you have any of your own? Why don’t you leave a comment below?

Written by Rachel (official writer) , Edited by Iman (official editor) 



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