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Since the creation of social media, a long lasting debate has been raised. It is even still present today.

Has social media made the world better or worse off?

Some say it has connected the world in incredible ways and others say it has fabricated more ways for people to be connected.

Whatever you think, it is unquestionable to state that social media has helped to build many peoples businesses and talents.

If used right, it is essentially  free advertisement, and with this new update on instagram scaring everyone one…

It’s only right to show you how to use social media platforms like Instagram to help you flourish.

 1) Play on the senses (Tip by @Marcusdarryl):

Marcus is a 16 year old upcoming model and he has accumulated over 10,000 followers.

He said:

When talking about strategies to build your instagram profile, many people construct complicated tactics without even tackling the most fundamental thing.

It is  important and vital it is to use the image sharing uniqueness of Instagram to your advantage.

Make sure you have high quality pictures.

Whatever you are trying to promote make sure you post the highest definition you can possibly get. Even if it means you have to use a professional camera.

It makes sense though. Clear and explicit pictures capture the attention of a bigger audience than low quality ones.

This means people will be willing to stop and properly analyse your photos … making them more likely to follow.

2) Use HashTags (Tip By @qxeenlee)


This probably one of the underrated features of instagram. Unlike Twitter, instagram does no have a word limit on its captions and this where hashtags can really come in play.

If you have a small amount of followers and you are not using hashtags frquently… you are practically blind to the rest of the outside world.

Hashtag allow people to find similar content easily and discover other people.

Where people might go wrong is trying to find the right hashtags to you. Check out the website below which shows you the most trending hashtag.


3) Put your profile off private (Tip By @Alpay97)

Alpay B is a 18 year old you-tuber who has over 18 thousand followers on Instagram

Instagram is all about picture and video sharing. If you want people to discover your content, it is probably smart to make it as easy as possible for people to actually view your profile.

And it doesn’t get any easier than opening your profile to the public.

Some might argue and say it might make it more harder for you gain followers or it causes a lack of privacy, however there are more gains than loses for doing this.

  1. It allows people to preview your page. This means any one who actually clicks that follow button most like what you post.
  2. It allows you to be placed on the discovery page (which is an absolute blessing)

Ensure your profile is on public… you do not know who may see it!

4) Post Frequently But Not Too Much ( Tip By Abz.mo)

Abz.mo is 16 year old entertainer . He produces lots of funny videos and has accumulated over 12.8 thousand followers on Instagram.

He said

” Do not post too much on one day and do not highly inconsistent. This will make sure you are not forgetting and no one finds you annoying!”

Try to post at least 3 times to make sure you are staying relevant and in-front of your followers screens.

How can you grow your platform if you do not post?

5) Have engaging content ( Tip by @Isthatlottie )

Lottie Jade is a 17 year old female British singer, and accumulated over 17,000 followers on Instagram

She said:

It is all about indirect advertisement.

But we get. You want someone to share your pictures or click the link in your bio or follow

However, directly asking is simply not effective. You need to give them a reason to do all these things.

There is a reason why people “give before you recieve”

This is where your engagement will come into play . Create content that people want to share. Do this by demonstrating your page, business, or talent in the most creative of ways.

It is all about stimulating emotion. Whether it be inspiration , laughter or shock. Get it right and you can go viral.

You don’t go into a boxing ring to right hook once and leave. You have to build up the right hook with many jabs.

Same goes to social media, before you ask for anything build up your engagement by giving out quality content for your audience to enjoy.

For more on this concept check out the book below:

Another way to engage your audience is to create interesting competitions, such as giveaways. Make the task short and easy to accomplish… make the prize lucrative enough and you are in for a treat.

Hope these tips helped. Thank you for reading. Remember for a part 2 lets get 25 shares.

Remember… Your success is worth it.

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