This article was written by: Kevin Le (official writer), Edited by Iman (official editor) 

‘Dance. A conversation between your body and soul’

Dylan Aarron Cheung is a 17 year old dancer from East London. He uses dance as a form of socialising and expression since the age of 12.

dylan dance

Like any other sort of Performing Art, it has developed his confidence and means he’s now able to perform in front of a group of strangers anywhere.

Dancing to him also improves his mood which is very important as you need to find something to do in life which you wholeheartedly enjoy.

Dylan is a game changer to the dance industry as he describes himself as “very creative and always up for trying new things.”

Dylan has performed on many different TV programs, such as Sky 1’s Got To Dance, X-Factor and even Britain’s Got Talent.

He’s worked for well-known talents in the entertainment industry such as Simon Cowell, Charlie Scoff, BBC, J Hus, Cheryl Fernandez and many more.

He recently starred in a show on CBBC called “All at sea”

Dylan on a BBC show

Moving onto the social platform:

This year has been a little bit different for Dylan. He has moved onto the platform of social media, not only for his dance career, but for his entertainment career too.

You might know him better as Ling Ling, the typical asian that features in the public interview videos that are shot at Westfield Stratford.

It started when he made an appearance in a video by ItzArya called “Messages to your ex part 2” This is where Dylan dropped his one liner that started it all off, “Don’t call my hotline y’know!” in a typically Asian accent.

(Skip to 3:43)

Here Dylan decided to take that niche persona and build upon it.


He started his own YouTube channel with his friend Shaan Sharda. In the space of a month the pair have already racked up over 16.5k, and over 100k views on their most recent video.


That is surely a revolutionary breakthrough into social media as their videos have made it viral very quickly. However, it hasn’t been an easy path for Dylan. At the start of his dancing career he lacked guidance and support.

He independently taught himself taught through YouTube tutorials and eventually got to where he is today.

Thoughts For The Future:

Eventually he would like to travel the world dancing and meeting new people and talents along the way.

There have been many occasions where he has considered giving up, however he has never done so because he looks back on how far he has come and then realises that he must keep pushing forward – a struggle for many of us in our journeys in achieving our dreams.


This persistence in his industry has led him down many roads to places such as X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent where he’s performed to thousands on set and many, many more at home on TV.

This is why you should never give up on something good. You never know when something good turns into something great.

One thing that has gotten him to where he is today is YouTube.

YouTube helped him through the dance videos on the platform that were available.

dylan 5

YouTube also helped him further promote himself as a person and what he’s about as he posts videos on YouTube. Everyone needs help in whatever they wish to pursue.

For Dylan, this help comes in the form of financial help. “I would love it if people invested in me as I am very broke.” so keep that in your mind if you catch Dylan in Stratford.


Dylan is a humble lad as in the next 5-7 years he expects to still travel home on the bus and live in London taking public transport, however he expects to meet many more fans and to make his family proud through whatever he does.


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  • This article was written by: Kevin Le (official writer), Edited by Iman (official editor) 
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