Written by Kevin (official writer) , Edited by Iman (official editor) 

Your Dream. Your school. A lot of the time these two end up in a vigorous conflict. Especially when they do not align with each other as both tend to ask for majority of your precious time.

Time becomes an even greater luxury, when you have two things swarming through your mind.

So how do you do it? How do you do the impossible? Many people either choose one or the other however as the ages pass, it might seems more ideal to have both options and paths as wide open as possible.

However, when reading this article do not see it as a guaranteed formula which will ensure mastery achievements in both fields.

You might not be at the top .

But hopefully this article will help you have enough time to achieve ‘something’ however big or small.

Grab a pen. Grab some paper. Let me show you how you could balance the see-saw.

1- Be Prepared To Sacrfice:

“Success is not a measure of how much you have now. It is a measure of how much you have given up to get to where you are”

As a grinder focusing on your dream separate to your education will be hard enough.

What would be almost impossible is attempting to take on another time consuming commitment alongside.

The brain can hardly focus on two things at once let alone 3 or 4.

Some really believe they can have a full on social life while being on top of their studies and hustle.

You can try, trust me you really can  however it is extremely energy draining and eventually you could have a very high possibility of burning out.

Make a mental decision. Give up what ever is not helping you propel now so you can have whatever you want in the future.

Frequently,  it is the things we expect least that become the major barriers .

It will be difficult. While everyone else around you is having fun aimlessly,  you are busy training, researching and building your future. But it doesn’t matter… in the end it will all  be worth it.

2- The Power Of Team Work And Delegation:

This tip is so simple… get help!!! So many of us feel like we must travel this journey by ourselves.

Team work is effective due to this simple reason. Divide the labor and you can multiple the success.

You can literally be at two places at once. If you have your own business this is even more prominent.

While you are revising for school, your team can be busy working on your business. Running the social media, replying to emails etc.

We feel obliged to ask for help along the way. But remember, and remember clearly… no person became successful solitarily, regardless of whether or not we believe we need it.

People commonly identify this as a sign of weakness, however it is actually the opposite!

You need the help of others to get yourself where you want to be.

Not only does this develop better performance, but by working with others you also have a shared purpose and common goal –

So find a partner or better yet… find a team.

3- Know Your Boundaries Before You Break Them:

Know your capabilities.

It is the person who works the smartest (not hardest) that makes the most progress

Sometimes we can really underestimate the skill required to say ‘NO’.

Being able to know how much work load you can take is important.

Over working your self might make you fail in both fields(which is why having a team or partner is important!)

Mentally prepare yourself. You must know your boundaries before you can break them.

Take this quote from Steeve Jobs:

4- Allocate wisely! 

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”

In regards to your grind, time allocation is important. It’s another part of life that you need to dismantle and interpret.

It should be personalized to each and every individual.

Try and test different levels and times of commitment and see if it works for you. Or even better combine both school and your hustle to see if they can work together and positively correlate resulting in success in both fields. They really might not have to be in conflict.

This is a technique of discipline. You have to discipline your self in a way that you will make it reachable.

Discipline is the difference between making your goals and actually accomplishing them.

Time allocation is essential for every single one of you and really helps achieve many successes.

 6- Should You Actually Balance? 

Some of you may be asking whether a balance is either possible.

Should you even do it?

 Two massive life choices at such a young age.

Some of the most successful people in the world didn’t even finish their education (Richard Brandson, Mark ZuckerBurg and Dave Thomas to name a few).

Dave Thomas.. Founder Of Wendys’s

Maybe if you believe in your grind enough you should pursue it 100%. Back up plans take your attention away from your main plan. If you believe in it why shouldn’t you focus all the energy you have?

For some it has been impossible to balance the grind and education, because the formal education system may not be for them.

However, it is all down to your mindset. Nothing is impossible. Having a real positive mindset is key.

If you tell yourself everyday that you can do it and you will achieve it, you will make that impossibility that some may tell you, possible!

It is down to you at the end of the day to make it happen and balance your priorities wisely.

No-one else can do it for you.

So if you want to be a millionaire by 22 or become a successful musician or sports man… you can do it.

If you want to become the worlds most respected doctor or lawyer you can do that too.

It is challenging and hard, however if it isn’t challenging, it won’t change you. It isn’t an easy path, but it is possible.

As Nelson Mandela once said: “It always seems impossible until its done”.

Don’t leave it until tomorrow, try it today because without trying you cannot say, “I made it”.


Do you agree with these tips, or do you have any of your own? Is it actually possible to balance school and your grind… Why don’t you leave a comment below? 

Written by Kevin (official writer) , Edited by Iman (official editor) 

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