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The Rock

Over the hills lay a small little rock,
A rock that had travelled beyond its means.
A rock that was once transported from coastland to coastland,
travelling across different seas.
The rock, who was no much older than 40 years old,
Had said he’d seen it all.
He promised the other rocks that he’d take them to a special place,
That he only visited in the fall.
A place of beauty and a place of hope,
So picturesque and complex in design.
A place to wash away all his troubles,
To tell himself he’s doing just fine.
You see everyone thought they knew this rock,
So perfect and amazing so it seemed.
Little did the others know,
That the grass on the other side,
Is not always green.
For a place of disgust sin and despair,
Is situated on the outskirts of the land.
A place where the rock feels lost and hopeless
Where there is never a helping hand.
A place where no one can hear your screams,
And everyone you encounter is oblivious to your pain.
A place that the rock will never ever,
Want to visit again.
He never talked about this place in a confident spirit,
But thought it was time to share the truth.
He was previously in a very dark place,
And he knows that some others are too.
To speak, to voice and to stand up for what you know is right,
Could be the change you wretchedly needed,
In order to change your life.
Depression depression depression,
The doctors would always moan.
He wanted to get better,
But he knew he could not do it alone.
A convalescent rock was what he was aiming for,
A slow but sure recovery.
A pill or a series of treatments,
To let him escape his harsh but true reality.
With time, dedication and effort,
The rock was able to see the light.
So that’s when he made his own special happy place,
And he knew that he’d won the fight.
The fight between depression and him,
He was able to overcome it.
Able to let go of his pain and sorrows,
Finally able to submit.
Submit himself to the dew covered grass and distinctive crispness of the air,
To finally be able to get rid of the feeling of despair.
Although it may be quite chilly, and skin biting at times.
The quiet and peacefulness of the fall,
Makes the rock feel at peace at all times.
He’d like to share this happy place with all of you,
Just close your eyes and dream away.
Come with the rock to the happy place,
The happy place that will be yours someday.


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