“Who put an age limit on starting a business?”

Rising businessman from Buckinghamshire shows us that age really doesn’t inhibit us from our goals

Well, a young business mogul isn’t something you pass by everyday, budding and full of enthusiasm, we meet Adam Woodage – Founder of the Goalkeeping Grassroots project and Self-Published Author at the tender age of 16.


Adam, who is essentially a jack-of-all-trades as an avid handball player and the mind behind the highly proclaimed Goalkeeper Grassroots Project, this among many other attributes.

Showing us that zeal can be the catalyst propel us to achieving our goals

Grassroots Goalkeeping is a coaching organisation designed to help reform goalkeeping at a junior level, from grassroots upwards


“This is the sort of project where we need to utilise the help from as many of you as possible.”

Run by volunteers, Adam runs coaching sessions to assist in the mental and physical development of goalkeepers on the pitch giving them an edge in competitive matches.

He has already appeared on BBC Radio Oxford, Daily Telegraph and Choice Magazine, just to name a few!

So where did it all begin, I hear you ask?

Well, it began from a young age when Adam had embarked on creating his own homemade cafe.

He searched tirelessly through all the themes from Publisher, carefully hand-selecting those worthy enough to be placed on his door frame to indicate that he had the mindset to start his own business.

The years went by and Adam began playing his trade at the exchanging of FIFA coins, buying it cheaply and making an exponential profit from sales especially since demand was high for these types of products.

But, still, Adam felt as though he wasn’t reaching his full potential.

He had a dream, as he called it, a ‘wantrepeneur’, the willingness to go out there and make the dream yours, no excuse or procrastination.

Adam talked about  dedicating a lot of time in order to get his business up and running, additionally, a large amount of time was used in order to gain reputation from this venture and the hard work is slowly paying off.
The name Grassroots Goalkeeping was simply created to illustrate its founding principles and overall aim.

To revolutionize the way goalkeeping is viewed from grassroots up- hence the name.

What Adam enjoys the most about his occupation is the chance to meet new people and gaining experience form day-to-day challenges he faces whilst building his craft and pursuing his development in the world of entrepreneurship.

grass roots

Obstacles and Barriers

Adam informed us about the numerous difficulties that he encountered on his road to entrepreneurship and how he persevered to overcome them.

One, being the lack of reputation that his project had at the beginning, but with the ever-changing society that we live in, it didn’t take Adam long to realise that he had the resources at hand to combat them.

With the assistance of his own personal website (www.adamwoodage.com), through the popular sales of his book;

FIFA 15: A Game Without Limits, whilst also mingling with ‘industry influencers’, he was able to capture the attention of his target audience and make a name for himself.

Furthermore, through the use of social media, Adam managed to reach out to even more of his target audience.


Obviously, age was another hindrance in Adam’s journey. It is inevitable that as youngsters, we wouldn’t be taken as seriously, because “we are just naive right?”.

But, Adam wasn’t going to let this get in his way, so he took the course of action of improving his interpersonal skills in order to instil an extra level of trust and reassurance to the people he came across.

What’s happening right now?

Well, we need to remember that Adam is still a teenager like us- he has exams and of course he needs to revise in order to prepare for this.

So he has put it into dormant mode for the time-being.

Adam has reassured us that the minute his last exam finishes on the 11th of June, he will begin his transition from getting the grades to writing a book and getting camps running during the summer, as he launches his first camp on the 1st August!

What does the future hold for Adam Woodage?

Adam is confidently hoping that he will continue his passion for handball as a professional handball player travelling round the globe.

Whilst doing this he will also  continue to improve the world of goalkeeping, and if all goes to plan his Grassroots Goalkeeping project will improve exponentially and massively.

He hopes to also secure Advanced Coaching badges from FA and UEFA.

What tips does Adam give to young dream-chasers?

Adam believes that giving it a go is always the best way to go and to always give it a try!

What’s the worst that can happen? If you’ve got a dream, you have to take the first step!

The first movement, you can’t let that spark go to waste, turn that spark into a fire.

Another thing Adam tells us is that speed is vital and execution without speed will give minimal results, while wait for tomorrow, when you can do it today?


Do you agree with these tips, or do you have any of your own? Why don’t you leave a comment below? 

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