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Comparison is the thief of success

It’s encouraging to see that today’s generation doesn’t lack in ambition.

Whilst scrolling through your Instagram/ Twitter feed, you’ll be bombarded with endless quotes on being the best, being successful – in essence, winning at life.

Whilst this can be motivating, it has also fueled an unhealthy nature of comparison. You may feel that you somehow missed the boat of success.

missing the boat

Instead of continuing to tirelessly pursue your goals, you may find yourself wallowing in the shadows of what may seem like failure.

What many people forget is that no two journeys are alike.

What works for one person, may not work for you, and that is the reality of it.

For example, say you decide to meet up with a friend.

One of you may travel by bus, and the other by foot. Already you can see that the beginnings of the journeys are different.

And that is the first thing that you need to remember. Everyone’s circumstances in life differ.


As Shakespeare said ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em’. This does not in any way make anyone more superior.

It’s all about taking what you have, and making it work. You may be required to put in a bit of extra hard work, however, no-one has ever gotten anywhere far in life by sitting with their arms folded.

Like the saying suggests, everyone still has the chance to be great. You just have to choose to take it.

Ok so back to the story. Just over half way through the journey it starts to rain. And because life is so great, the person walking looks in their bag and to their dismay finds no umbrella! (This is where you all chime in with ‘peaaaaak’ )


Whilst the person on the bus might be a bit disappointed with the weather, the person walking is getting absolutely soaked. And this is parallel to exactly what can happen in life.

There will be challenges that will probably make you question the decisions you thought were going to take you closer to your goals. In times like these, the weak are separated from the strong.

You have two options. The first option is to turn back around and give up all together. It’s easy to fall for this because it seems the most comfortable. However, you will have just taken yourself back to square one.

Concept image of a signpost with Back to Square One, Success and Failure against a blue cloudy sky.

The second (much, much better) option is to accept that there is a setback, and start planning your comeback. This is what successful people do. They don’t buckle under pressure.

Instead they use that pressure to allow their minds to be sharpened, and to think of new strategies to tackle their problems. Every step you take is one step closer to where you want to be.



Every failure is one less failure you have to endure before you get to where you want to be.

Finally, you and your friend both reach your meeting spot.

The key word in that is BOTH. That means all of you, everyone, each and every single one of you.

dif ppl

No matter how long it takes you to achieve something, the important thing is that you achieve it. Comparing your journey to someone else’s only serves as a distraction.

There is no law that states an expiry date for success.

We are all young and have ample time to get to where we want to be. Trust the journey, because not only will it shape you as a person, it will shape your goals too.


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