Written By Pa Yusupha Ceesay, Edited By Iman

Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to appreciate what you had.

Whilst stressing over break-ups, school and the parental controls that dominate our life, we absentmindedly disregard the warm beds we all for tuck into for comfort usually accompanied with a cup of hot cocoa on the bedside table.


Our minds are occupied with what would seem to be trivial problems to someone who is not fortunate to have a bed to retreat to after long days sat school.

We forget that there are people who are living rough, struggling to satisfy their basic human needs.

They’re unable to come home and jump straight into their bed and fall into a relaxed slumber; they have nowhere to lie down and just stimulate their minds.

Depressed little girl

Most of us take our beds for granted, I know sometimes I do.

But there are others out there who return home from a long day of searching for food just to sustain themselves to a hard concrete surface under a bridge or in an alley of some sort.

Bruises, cuts and scars and thin blankets are all they have to protect them from the harsh cold weather.

There’s no affection ‘goodnight’ from a loving parent of a cute message from a boyfriend, since there’s no phone… an unimaginable reality for most of us.

Do we realise how fortunate we are to have such luxuries?

Whilst we’re frowning because of what we may not have, the latest iPhone, the new Armani jacket, exclusive Nike trainers, do we ever stop to think that what we have is enough?

Little girl and a tablet

I’m sure the young people living on the streets would exclaim “you’re lucky to have that” about most of the items we possess.

We need to imagine, if it were us on the streets, we probably wouldn’t even last an hour overnight: no social media, food or even something comfortable enough to lay your head on.

Now think about the experiences you may encounter living on the streets, how about those close to you dying in your arms, how would you react?

Well, here’s how I’d react: I’d sink into an unbearable cycle of depression.

I’d start to break things in vain to release my frustration and I’d try to survive by any means necessary – crime would be an option.

You would probably experience the same feelings of aggression and when you do you won’t be able to mask it so keep reading to be enlightened on how to avoid that.

If only we realised the physical, social and psychological pain bound to being homeless… What would you do if it really did happen?

Would you openly share your experiences and allow yourself to be made vulnerable in order to become a better person?

Or will you keep it sealed in your heart allowing your troubles to fester and destroy who you are from the inside?


Understanding the circumstances of other give us a chance to be appreciative.

To thank those who have stood by us, have been there to comfort us, supported us and even given their time up – just for us.

We do not know what could happen, but it is time to appreciate every hour and minute of every day because at any point, anything could happen.

Circumstance is your opportunity to reflect.

Look back and ask yourselves if there is anything you regret. Then you will truly know the appreciation for your circumstances.

Make yourselves better spiritually and intellectually. Set goals and aims that you not only want to but will strive for.

Make every decision count with the same question in mind, “will I regret it?” Take risks because remember, circumstance is a chance for appreciation.

 As Oprah Winfrey once said:

                                       “Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

Written By Pa Yusupha Ceesay, Edited By Iman(official editor)

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