Lost in my own mind.

Trying to grip the walls of reality.

Hoping that this picture becomes vivid & I no longer see the static, just high definition & maybe if somebody took the time to see the tension

Then I’ll take the time to mention

That insanity is clinging to the wall of my brain; making my thoughts & mind go insane & I can’t escape the development

Because it cracks the foundation & planted its own seed

So now insanity grows inside of me and in the 10 billion cells in the human body’s nervous system

Then 5 million are fighting for the reality I might lose & the other 5 million are fighting for the insanity I might choose.

Stuck in between the two where reality is nothing but a phoney, a lie creating this world of mistrust

Then there is insanity where I can create my own blues

Maybe I should pray to the ancestors. To allow me to go deaf, so I can no longer  hear the words of anyone else and just hear the song that plays in my head

Now don’t get confused

This is not a woman of mental issues

This is just a woman who hears instrumentals & my thoughts are the words to every beat and rhythm

Because my mind is the pupil & my thoughts do nothing but reteach. So I grow within myself with the outside appearance of a nineteen year old

But in my mind add twenty years to that & that can tell you why I have this dialect, a complete mystery to everyone else

But inside my mind I know who I AM 

Maybe one day if I could project the song in my head to the world I would no longer need decoding & Divinci could remain with his demons & angels

Because from my eyes I have the best angle But from another pair of eyes, a different perspective

I just need to be detangled & this poem wasn’t just for a social mingle

It was to let everyone know I’m sitting on the fence Of choosing reality or insanity

Or maybe I could be like humpty dumpty and sit on a great wall & suddenly have a great fall & to which side that is I have no clue.

Undecided, just the fate of a living, existing nineteen year old being admitted to the insanity in an undecided reality.

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With her first feature; Vanessa Green (all the way from Louisiana, USA) brings an explosive piece; a poem about [Dementia]

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