He started with nothing… Now you might see him on your television screen.

Jaden Baker is an aspiring actor with a lot to give.
After growing up in Hackney without a bedroom for 10-11 years, he has now landed an incredible advertising deal with Adidas.
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Alongside, he has been booked for features in adverts of other large companies (like Disney Channel).
Amazing achievements for an individual who is only 17  years old.

 Humble beginnings:

A young black boy living in the heart of Hackney’s estate was an interesting way to grow up; however, the environment never defined him.

As a young boy, he was often a follower who constantly tried to fit in, until he started to realise who he was.

His mother, an entrepreneur coach, began to coach him when his GCSEs didn’t go to plan.
 He would pray and ask God to guide him, but deep down he knew he lacked drive and effort.
Jaden decided to changed the way he lived his life.
 Brimming with ideas for clothing lines, scripts and free ways of verbal expression it had taken .

 Working With Adidas

Things changed when he landed a deal with Adidas.

The young lad started his entertainment work quite young, but getting the Adidas spot is still a massive shock to him.

The journey started when he managed to land an audition for ‘The Dumping Ground on CBBC.

Little did he know he was performing in front of an agent; from his first performance he got signed instantaneously… and the rest is history.

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Jaden’s Success Tips:

The face of Adidas is Jaden Baker.

He has gotten to where he is because he follows one simple saying:

‘A man shall eat bread from the sweat of his brow’.

It is a statement that he has embedded into his work ethic and ethos to life.

It is one that has facilitated the betterment of others through his success.

Fear is a construct that only exists if you permit it.

His non-adherence to the concept of fear, he believes, has been very instrumental in his profound success.

Life Now:

Jaden is currently enrolled in a drama school .

Part of his acting trajectory has landed him features on the aforementioned Disney Channel.

A widely publicised promotional piece with Adidas and the procurement of over 5 acting credits for theatre-based performances.

Such performances include but are not limited to, an adaptation of Chicago and West Side Story.

Since then, he has formulated a clothing line that is concurrently undergoing finalisation before a shortly arriving launch; he is also about to create a Youtube channel.

Writer’s Thoughts:

Jaden Baker is proof life has no limits to what you can achieve.
If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.
Age is never a factor that should determine whether one can achieve a goal they have set for themselves, determination and a desire to succeed is ultimately what matters most.
Belief in yourself and separating yourself from your peers is vital. You cannot bring everyone with you.
Your journey to success is very narrow.
Fear of failure mustn’t cross your mind. Fear is not real.
That’s what Jaden Baker tells himself. With fear, it suppresses your greatness, and your thought of being great.
You reap what you sow.
Do what you love never be scared to pursue a hidden talent.
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