At Worth Of Mouth, we know and harness the immense effect of words constantly.

The mouth is an incredible tool and no one uses better than the young motivational speaker known as Richard Asomugha.

Coming from Peckham (South London) , the 20 year old didn’t have a home for a long while.

He slept on the floor next to a fridge for many years, however now he has been regarded as ‘ The best Under 21 speaker in the UK’.

Richard is also a host, presenter, and entrepreneur.

Known for the creation of his company ‘HereWithRichard‘, him and his team travel all across UK  attending secondary schools, where  they push and exert motivation into the idle young people.


At just the age of 20, Richard has spoken to crowds of 5000+ at events such as ‘UFestLdn and The NCS Program.’ (for which he was rejected a total of 7 times before prevailing)


Not only that, Richard has been specifically picked to work with top companies such as the BBC and Speakers Trust.

He builds programs for employees and audiences to bring out full potentials.

Such accomplishments so young. You ask why? How can someone be so young yet so hungry?

Remember there is no success with out struggle.

Confident Club Jan 2015

Confident Club Jan 2015


Being Homeless Yet Motivated:

Richard states:

“When I was in secondary school I was dealing with a lot, my parents where not in good terms, I was sleeping on the floor, my father was not working.

I felt like I was alone.

If someone came in to speak to me, it would have made the difference.

Confident Club Jan 2015

Confident Club Jan 2015

I want to give the younger generation what I never have.

This is my way of serving. I have people crying after my school experiences, they can relate to my story.

There are so many people out there suffering in silence, they just need to know that they are not alone.”



Hungry for success since the age of 15,  Richard explains:

“I have always wanted to interview inspirational people and people always came to me for advice, the name Herewithrichard was formed at a business convention. “

Below you will find Richard doing just that; as he interviews Akon

Upon creating his company HereWithRichard, a project within the brand- ‘The Greatness School Tours’ program has exponentially taken off.

Gaining support from large figures such as : Stormzy, Rashide (Founder Of LinkUpTv), and Worth Of Mouth!

The Future:

Still young, Richard is already thinking of taking national and global moves:

“I believe that I am the best motivational speaker in my generation , no one is as passionate as I am.

I want to be remembered as the guy who took action on his dream. 

He did not let his insecurities cage him, he decided to be a light, he made conscious decision.

Most importantly he reflected Gods greatness by encouraging others to take action on their dreams”


Confident Club Jan 2015

Confident Club Jan 2015

Believing in yourself is not easy and obstacles are no stranger to the inspirational figure.

A lack of discipline and self control in certain time frames of his life, caused set backs which slowed him down.

Richard explains:

In those moments I forget my power and my purpose, but then I pray to God and try my best to start r repeating my good habits and I find my self in an even better opportunity.

greastest 2

Advice For You & Writers Thoughts:

To get far in life you need to build positive routine and constructive habits.

You are designed and created for greatness.

You are born with grace and wisdom, your gifts are special, you are different no one is like you, go out and make your dreams happen.

Ask for help ( In his talks, Richard always advises young people to get a mentor).

Lastly always remember the major key to your better future is you.

Writing this article has filled me with passion and motivation. Success does not discriminate by age.

My dream is possible.

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