Please know your worth.

Know your worth to the point where nothing and no one will ever put you in a situation where you forget who you are and why you are worth it.

Sometimes we abandon ourselves. By abandon I mean we forget about our own needs, what makes us happy and instead we focus on other people around us.

For example, relationships.

You give so much to this person you call your other half but the question is, do you make yourself happy or do you rely on your happiness to come from this person you call your significant other?

They’re called your significant other for a reason yes, but they’re not as significant as yourself.

Their love isn’t more important as the love you give yourself and believe me when I say this.

The way you love yourself. The way you know yourself might not necessarily be the same way they love you and know you.

We do so much for others. We waste our time on others. We put our own problems aside for others but please, ask yourself this one question.


Would they and have they ever done the same for you? Once?


The answer I know many of you would give is no.


So I want to know, if we give our precious time and we put aside our problems. Our own problems and time for others who wouldn’t even do the same for us, not even ONCE.

Why are we doing all of this for them?

Why are we wasting our time?

Why are we upsetting ourselves?

Why are we even putting ourselves in these sort of situations?

You need to know your worth and you need to know the types of people you need in your life.

If they don’t check for you but you do that for them, you need to ask yourself why you’re doing it when they’re not doing it back.

I understand people can be busy but a whole 24 hours? That isn’t an excuse at all.

A simple “how’s your day been” or “you alright” text doesn’t take more than 2 minutes but some of us are so filled with pride that some day it may kill us.


Don’t let your pride kill you.


Life is short, if you care for someone show them instead of telling them.


If someone is hurting you emotionally or physically or in any other way.

Regardless of whether you love or care for them, please know your worth to walk away. It’s hard, so hard but you need to, you have to for YOU.


Sometimes the people we form connections and bonds with aren’t meant for us and if they are meant for us, they’re only there for a short period of time.

It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to make mistakes too but..


Why hold on to something that’s hurting you? Why hold on to something that’s stopping you from growing?

Nowadays, in our generation, some of us hold on to such toxic people, such toxic relationships, such toxic situations which we need to let go of and I’m guilty of that.

I’m 100% guilty of that.


But I’ve learnt to let go of people who I feel aren’t benefiting me, aren’t helping me grow and aren’t making me happy.


There are some people who have held me back from achieving things I’ve always been so passionate about but I had to let them go..

Why? Because they weren’t good for me, they weren’t good for my vision and they weren’t and aren’t good for where I’m going in life and what God has destined for me.


So know your worth. Don’t let anyone tell you anything.

You are in charge of who you are. You are in charge of your happiness. You are in charge of your greatness.


Getting to know yourself and learning to love yourself will take time.

Timing is everything.

It didn’t take a day to build Rome so allow yourself to go on this journey to get to know yourself a bit better and to achieve greatness and surround yourself with greatness.

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