Why do women wear makeup? Why do some wear short dresses?

All these questions. Well….

A woman wears makeup the same reason a man cuts his hair.

To look presentable, feel comfortable in their skin and maintain their appearance. As we are in summer, appearance is more paramount than ever.

If only that were the case.

We’ve all seen the “I’m taking my girl swimming on the first date” posts online.

It makes you wonder why the way a woman looks, must always have some form of validation from men.

Well, what were you expecting beneath it all?

Well, what were you expecting beneath it all?

Now, to the topic of this article. The misconception of women. The age old discussion.

Is a woman not her own person, or is she just another man’s possession? I’d like to think not, but the general opinion of the public says otherwise.

Today, women receive twice as much scrutiny over the same things men do.Girl does something sexual, gets labelled.

Boy does something sexual, gets respect. (This is the case 9 times out of 10, you can stop saying “not true” now.)

Why Does This Happen?

The way women are perceived today, is majorly on the part of the media we are exposed to.

From music videos to films and games, women are portrayed as sexual objects, things to lust for rather than a person.

When was the last time you saw a music video with half-naked men?

You probably can’t remember, but you can almost definitely name at least two music videos with provocatively dressed women.

Katy Perry, from the 'California Gurls' video.

Katy Perry, from the ‘California Gurls’ video

5th hRMON

From the ‘5th Harmony’ music video for “All in my head”

A sad reality but reality nonetheless.

Explicit Material

As of recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people viewing pornographic material, most of which tend to be boys and men.

More shockingly, the viewers are as young as 12 years old.

This early exposure to such graphic content has warped the way in which boys and men perceive women.

What they see on screen is what they wish to emulate; they begin to see women as sources of sexual pleasure.

This goes on to influence their social interaction with females, conversations are held to see her naked rather than to get to know her.

Even looking at the featured image of this article, most people would think the image is of a sexual nature.


Not at all. It is actually a woman being shot from behind, the image has been cropped so only above her dress can be seen.

Women are individuals, contrary to popular belief.

They can do the same thing a man does, dress how they want without having to hear “but a man-” their goal isn’t to impress men.

Is this entirely wrong?

To a degree, both men and women act to appeal to each other. It’s in our nature to attract others, whether we go out of our way to do so, or do it subconsciously.

Although women sometimes behave in a way that would garner male attention, it doesn’t mean that’s all they’re after.

Sometimes (If you’re a female reading this, all too often) men fail to read body language.

A ‘No’ gets mistaken for yes. ‘Go away’ becomes ‘chase me’.

Sometimes this works for the man in question, but more often than not it becomes a breach of personal space.

But do girls subtly enjoy that feeling of being chased, or is it very off-putting and childish?



The point

The modern day slave.

The modern day slave.

Sexual equality isn’t as far away as we think.

Mainstream media has a large part to play, but so do you.

The next time you see a girl being ‘baited out’ online just ask yourself “would there be as much commotion if she was a boy?”

Women aren’t here for the pleasure of men, nor does their value only extend as far as their likes on Instagram.

But Instagram does have the final say these days…

Part 2 will consist of the ‘The Misconception Of Men

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