Banter is not banter if you are bantering someone’s insecurities, yet in this day and age its like bringing someone down should be praised.

C O L O U R .

A problem we thought we’d only hear about in history yet in the twenty first century I’m experiencing the same story.

You see there’s this thing called colour that differs you and me, something that is merely part of the flesh and hides what lies beneath is used to judge what people perceive…

You see in society you are seen to be judged on the shade of a colour we did not choose to be, different colours which should be embraced are disgraced because ‘society’ does not embrace.

Now tell me something.

What is this thing we call ‘society’, it has corrupted the minds of our young people rather than inspiring them.

‘Society’ is limiting their minds to this small minuscule thing called I think to be ignorance.

Now, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why a brown skinned girl is better looking than a dark skinned girl?

Yes, both have a beating heart and lungs to breathe, yet of the same race it’s their complexion that defines their beauty and knowledge and what disgusts me is it happens within our own black community.

You see colour is nothing more than a shade that varies between you and me.

We are born in to this world equally with same rights and opportunities yet it’s the one with darkest shade makes it hard for them to succeed.

Brothers and sisters I am not the enemy yet our people are dropping like flies due to petty hate but when you finally see sense it’ll be too late.

we should be working hand in hand against the new evil I like to call the justice system. our so called protectors who point a gun at our heads at every opportunity they get.

Black Lives Matter.

Something the world seems to have forgotten. what everyone fails to realise is colour is the number one reason for all this war and uncertainty because our God wanted to create diversity.

A week doesn’t go by where a black female or male has been senselessly killed at the hands of those who are meant to be protecting.

Yes I am dark skinned but when I look in the mirror I see beauty.

My skin colour does not define who I am. I define who I am& no one can tell me different.

My names Samantha Moses and this is not my story, it’s ours.

So what do you think? What are your thoughts?


Always do what you love. Never be scared to pursue a hidden talent.

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