Inspirational 15 year old girl wishes to follow in the footsteps of her bloodline


Some people may argue that sport is only viable in order just to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

But athletes like 15-year old Armani Paris Williams would have to disagree with that aforementioned statement.


For her, she sees this as a way to “do as much as she can to motivate herself to strive to the top”.

Coming from Newport, South Wales at the tender age of 15 she has achieved that of which athletes far older than her age will be proud of.

This clearly shows that success does not discriminate by age.

For her local club (Newport Harriers) she runs the 100, 200 and 300 metres.
Known for her quick burst out of the block, she is described as being “very versatile, agile and motivated” at such a young age.

Armani tells us how she has “been racing competitively for 5-6 years”  only taking up the sport a year before this. At the age of seven, she was determined to follow in the footsteps of her father and cousin who participated in four different Olympic Games.

We were told that she “always enjoyed running from an early age”, this alone shows how her zeal for the sport was ignited by the family members who inspired her at such a young age.


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Her Obstacles:

The road to stardom is a very long and arduous one, with many challenges that are set out to block you on your journey. One which Armani experienced was that she had lacked the “desire to win”.

But as time wore off and as her multiple accolades grew, this then in turn gave her a boost of confidence as she had been appraised at how good she was at the sport she continuously worked at.

Moreover, the life of an athlete relies heavily on team work.

Even though sprinting  is not a team sport, it is still as essential to be co-operative that sports such as Volleyball or Football would entail.

Armani tells us how she has acclimatized to this as “in training she uses her training partners to compare herself”.

This way of thinking is a brilliant way to stay ahead of the game as she will be able to get pointers if she isn’t as fast as her team-mates.

“A competitive market is the best market”, meaning they will always be improving themselves as they compare their sprinting styles.



Her Achievements

  • To date, with many more successful years to come, Armani has achieved numerous feats that people twice her age would achieve and  be proud of.
  • She was crowned under 17 girls Newport champion in all of her races (100, 200 and 300m sprints), with people up to 4 years older than her competing for the very same award.
  •  Additionally, she has attained many podium places in the South East Wales Championships; this includes receiving gold in the 200m sprint and achieving  silver in the 100m.

Her greatest and most prideful achievement has been that of her SIAB selection as this allowed her to run for her country,“a dream come true” for her.

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What does the future hold for her?

Armani is eyeing up her next target, the Commonwealth selection.

With hard work and perseverance, she hopes to achieve this in the next five years.

This would be a huge step-up for her, with her name becoming notable on a global scale.

This will definitely not be the end of Armani’s journey as she hopes to then go on to compete in the Olympic Games which of course is the ultimate goal for all athletes out there.

With the way she is working and achieving  her targets day by day, we believe with the continued devotion and ambition, Armani would achieve this.

Armani’s words of wisdom

Although this may be monotonous to many of you.

Armani is again reiterating – from her experience, tips to help you to succeed in your own challenges and dreams.

She says that we should “never quit because quitting will get you nowhere in life and to always sustain a positive mental attitude”.

We wish Armani the best with her career and hopefully see her attaining 3 gold medals in her rightful races for Great Britain the 2024 Olympics

Words from the Writer

Yet again, this article  emphasizes the point that success can begin at a young age.

With Armani, she started at 7 years of age and still is improving as she goes on, everyone has their own goals to reach.

No matter what age you are at, there is still time to achieve those goals and dreams that you have.

No matter how clichè this may sound, but truly and really, nothing is impossible!

We were put into this world to achieve our goals and make the most of our given talents.

Find yours and exhaust it to your full potential!

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