Our generation – a generation that has grown and developed into one of the most proactive youths of all time, gaining a reputation for the outstanding achievements gathered over time.

We are also a generation that have defeated the stereotypical perceptions of ‘lost teens’, and are to be seen addressing political issues with successful campaigns and petitions.

Anything from the creation of now world leading applications, to surpassing educational and social expectations.

As a community, we are finding our voices and rising to the surface.

However, today’s media has failed to capture and showcase the extraordinary works of young people.

This fact has been supported by my struggle to find any positive.

Recent articles by national news sources on teenagers which leaves me with many unanswered questions as to why this is the case.

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Despite this, many upcoming youth platforms have been shaped over time, replacing the failure of the media and reforming recognition into modernised platforms specialising in the showcasing of young success.

Platforms such as Worth of Mouth, Apotheosis, IAMNEXT, Flex Network and more have been established by young people for young people.

IAMNEXT is a music platform, showcasing young, upcoming artists across London through the use of social media and music events.

Apotheosis, which I am proudly a writer within, is an arts platform which presents youth culture as a whole and provides a platform for aspiring writer such as myself.

The Problem:

The lack of support from the older generations controlling the media instantly raises alarms on how the young people are viewed in the eye of the public; inferior.

The misconduct of the obviously biased operation of the media has triggered the climax of these amazing platforms reflecting young talent in a better light.

We are more than the gangs and stabbings.

We are more than the ‘I don’t care’ attitude that the majority of the older generation state we have.

We are more. Yet, society fails to see past the false interpretations hidden beneath the media.

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Nevertheless, there are many flaws within the spheres of society that the young people of today have formed and again, this is reflected through the media.

Although I struggled to find articles that positively supported teenagers, unfortunately, this was not the case when searching for articles highlighting the recklessness of teenagers today.

Every leading news source delivering without failure, reports on horrendous acts of immorality flooding the media.

Stabbings, kidnaps, burglary, gangs, alcohol, drugs.

Articles describing the brutal attack on another lost teenager, describing the ruthless attacks committed right in the public eye, describing the shocking discovery of drugs and the lifestyle it has led many young ones into.

The list goes on and these acts that have been committed by people as young as 15 and have affected people as young as 15 too.

Although the media can be stated as biased as reflected upon, there is also something seriously wrong with the way some teens are choosing to conduct themselves.

Why Does This Happen?:

Some are blind to our flaws and shamelessly continue to humiliate themselves as a whole community.

But why? Is it the influence of the older generation or the failure of parents who lack knowledge on the outside world?

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/nov/24/teenager-stabbed-holloway-18th-to-die-in-london-this-year

There are many factors that could have impacted the turnaround in the attitudes of teens across Britain and even worldwide.

One factor that I feel needs to be emphasizes and call upon – social media.

The Effect Of Social Media:

Everyone is on social media and it has become a large part of the lives of a majority of young people.

It has provided us with a convenient and efficient way to communicate, make friends and cater to our businesses.

Social media has kept us to date with the latest news and trends, given a voice to unheard people and has educated many.

However, social media has also exposed young people to the unethical behaviour presented by popular online communities.

Celebrities and local artists promoting gang related acts and violence through the use of weapons and as a result of this, deaths tolls have rapidly increased within the youth colony.

‘Trapping’ being signified as the ultimate lifestyle putting lives in danger and concluding in large groups of teens being locked up on a daily basis.

Money symbolising total wealth leading to the illegal transfer of money with total sums of up to 10K or even more.

Hundreds of social media accounts chanting ‘Free my brother’ after hearing he has been put away for doing the unthinkable.

Teenagers are appearing to be more materialistic than ever before and It is sad to say that the combination of these issues have played a part in the generalised representation of teenagers.

Do young people stimulate the crazed headlines we hear about the youth in today’s society?

The big question is; Do young people stimulate the crazed headlines we hear about the youth in today’s society?

This is can be viewed from many perspective and from a personal point of view, young people do contribute the stereotypical image portrayed on young people today.

However, we as young people have not done this alone. Adults have also played a part in the development of such widespread standardization.

So, what is next?

As young people now taking control, passionately standing up against the discrimination of age, everything reflected upon are components that will restrict our progress.

Big change is needed. As a league, we need to educate each other on the moral rights and wrongs.

We need to continue to build our voice as one unit and address issues that affect us the most.

We need to strengthen communication between ourselves and generations.

We have a lot of work to do if change if what we want.

All is possible and the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Let’s change for the better!

‘Without us, what is, would never be. And what isn’t, soon will be. We are learning. We are growing. We are evolving. We are youth. ‘– Laura Khamis

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Hi, my name is Laura, 16 years old and I am the founder of Flex Network – An upcoming online teen arts platform showcasing young creatives and youth culture across London.

The main aim of Flex Network is to provide a foundation to help teens exhibit themselves and their talent within the arts industry.

Flex Network is also about giving teenagers a voice so that we can be reflected in a better light rather than what is portrayed through the media.

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