Hardy Caprio is an upcoming London rapper known a little bit more for his distinctive sound and ‘love songs’.

Well he is still showing a lot of love with his new single ‘All The Time’.

The track touches on the ongoing social issue of black on black crime and knife crime.

It refers continuously to upcoming rappers ‘M.DOT & Showkey‘ who sadly passed away this year because of the problems mentioned above.

The song was only released 48 hours ago, and has already surpassed 10,000 views– having been placed on his very own channel.

The messages behind the song are important and should be taken in. Hardy Caprio is definitely an artist to look out for.

Don’t be surprised if you see a feature about his journey and experiences very shortly.

Writers Thoughts:

While writing this article,  I was listening to the song over and over again.

There was one particular bar Caprio said that really hit me hard.

At 2:15 he says:

‘This sh*t’s real. There’re victims on both damn sides’

In occasions that relate to knife crime and the loss of life. We often come across something called a lose/lose event.

A lose/lose event is quite self explanatory. It means there in no winner in the situation.

Often the perpetrator may believe they have won in the long run.

However the story normally ends like this:

  • Victim is seriously injured or dead
  • Perpetrator is jailed
  • Friends and families on both sides are distraught and broken

Where is the winner in that?

It’s wonderful that people who have influence like Hardy Caprio can use their music to attempt to inspire the younger generation to fix up and do constructive things with their life.

Hopefully there will be many more.


So what do you think? Do you agree with the points mentioned in the song?

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