Results day is upon us and many students may be disheartened by their grades, unknown to the fact they may be able to excel in different fields of life… they have not yet discovered their inner gift.


In this article , i’m going to discuss many ways in which you can figure out what your gift is , to encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your gift and also identify a few misconceptions concerning ones gift.
Now with by definition , a gift is a talent or natural ability.


Believe it or not, each and everyone of us has a gift .For some it is as black and white as being good at art , or being good at a particular subject or being good and dancing etcetera.

A huge misconception concerning our gifts is that they must be particular things , for example , you may be a good listener , or good at working in groups , or good at speaking .

The black and white gifts are more commonly regarded as profitable and as an actual gift.

nuff talent

Seems strange doesn’t it?

Yet there are people out there who are helping others and making money ,simply by listening to them.

See now your gift is something you excel at in comparison to everything else you do regularly .

Mind you could have multiple gifts, not just one !
Another misconception , if that your gift always has to be immediately profitable.

People often discard what they’re good at as they don’t deem it profitable.

To that i say everything is profitable -if you make it profitable .

This is precisely where thinking outside the box comes in .

You have got to identify what your talent could be useful for , and how useful it would be to other people – since that is where your money would come from – and why it would be useful to them.Think-Outside-the-Box-ArtJonak

Here are some ways in which you can find your talent:
1)Think back to what you did a lot when you were younger.
When we were all little , and obviously had a lot more time on our hands , we were likely to have identified the route of our talents as it would be something that took up most of our time.

Personally, when I was younger I spent most of my time reading books and coherently the gift I exercise most is writing.

I think of your gift as a flower , a flower grows and blossoms when looked after and the seed would have been planted in your earliest years.

growing talent

2)Look at what you do in most of your free time.
What you do in your free time is something you enjoy and that your heart is in , because you choose what you do in your free time .

What we do in our free time is often the basis of our yet-to-be perfected gifts.

free time

3)Ask people around you:

A lot of the time, people will see the gift you have in you before you see it yourself. Ask those around you what they think you are best at , what they think your talent is .They are heavily likely to say the same things and you should exercise it.


4)What activities do you do with the most ease?

The fact that a talent/gift is a natural ability means that it is something you find easier to do in comparison to anything else.

What do you do better than many people?

What do you find easy to do , which others find difficult to do?

Where do you excel , almost  effortlessly ,where most others fall short ?

Asking yourselves these sorts of questions will lead you to your gift.

unique person


5)Identify what is totally opposite to your weakness.

The opposite of weakness is strength, right?

So as most of us know of our weaknesses , whatever is opposite to YOUR weakness, is therefore your strength .

Your strength is bound to be linked to your gift.


Remember , you are what you make yourself.

Work with your gift once you identify and work on it so as to improve your worth.

Your gift is a part of your purpose as to why we were all placed upon this planet – make the most of it !


  • Written By Rachel Kessley, Edited By Iman(official editor) 
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