It’s almost been a year since we last featured Akuma on Worth Of Mouth

To read previous article(about his comeup and life story): Click Here

A member of our team recently caught up with him in a brand new interview and we have documented all the updates for our readers!

Since his last interview with WOM, his first single which wasn’t meant to go as far as it did, reached 250,000 plays on the popular music app SoundCloud.

He expresses the fact that this means a great deal to him.

He also tells us that he has heightened his knowledge and connections, thus seeing himself as a better producer.

Akuma 3

Prior to this interview, Akuma had performed at the Camberwell Fair on stage which is impressive, we asked him how he got this opportunity and he proceeded to tell us about his connection with the radio and Roundhouse and being a “humble guy”, he played his song to a radio station manager and immediately the song hit the B list.



Akuma also gave us his 3 things that make a good producer:

“a good producer needs to be able to listen”, not only to the music but advice that he or she may be given.

Akuma 2

The second main thing he says is about being “consistent”.. maybe consistency really is key!

He then goes on to speak about staying with the same people you know and not “branching out to every Tom, Dick and Harry”.

Akuma states that he believes it is important to see all his people succeed and that he sees his people as a priority.


We also learn from this interview about how Akuma works, he uses a pad synthesiser to create melodies and gets them just right before he uses them and the strategy he works with artists.

For example, “mapping out sounds” and adapting them to the artist’s voice.  

Akuma 5

We also asked Akuma what he enjoys about producing and why he does it and he told is it relaxes him, he enjoys being flexible with making different genres e.g. neo soul or r&b; he also revealed his dream artist to work with is Kanye West, he sees him as “inspirational” and speaks about his different phases.

He described working with him possibly as “a humbling experience”.

akuma 7

Akuma’s best experience at work was with the amazing ‘Mic- L’ and he made a beat in under 5 minutes and refers to his top speed as indescribable and a huge stepping stone.

His worst experience is when his laptop was broken, he was using other people’s laptops such as friends but he couldn’t work his magic as it didn’t “feel right”.


He goes on to talk about making a beat despite his laptop problems for his close friend Not3s and refers to the fact he believes his music can make people happy as he recollected seeing his music being enjoyed by people on Snapchat and Instagram.

He also realises the impact a producer can have on his audience and believes that producers deserve more credit for the work they do behind the scenes, for example he illustrates the fact that he works really hard to go above and beyond for the people he works with.

akuma 6

We asked him what his advice would be to up and coming artists for example, mind set and he stated that there will be a lot of disappointment but it is ideal to firm it and keep going because it will all pay off.

He also gave technical advice such as more plugins and starting off using simple apps and learning your way up.

This is a solid point for all aspects of life, not just producing music so take notes.


To conclude, Akuma has come along way since his last feature with us and it is safe to say he has made major progress from where he started and we hope to hear from him soon.

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