Demonstrating the GCSE results of the hardworking Year 11’s in 2016.(in partnership with Sam’s Tutors)

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Note: Unfortunately,  his actual GCSE results couldn’t be posted as they’re currently in the hands of his Sixth-form which he has successfully enrolled at.

NameEdward Adonteng

School: Platanos College

Results: 7 B’s 3 C’s

His Story :

To put all those who doubted me to shame. Thought I wouldn’t even make it to year 9 right? I’d be excluded and end up pickpocketing in Brixton right? Just another black boy with “potential”. But look what potential, grace, favour AND faith can take someone. I just want to thank everyone who always believed in me, and just know I’ll never lose belief in you. I want to thank my mother for all that she has done for me over these years, she has been my rock in hard times and even though we can argue and what not I wouldn’t be the young man I am today without you and let me say it now for everyone to hear: Mummy, you shall never lack anything on this earth again, I promise you. To Caitlin, your stubbornness, your unwilling belief in me, you being there 24/7 of the time and even when we argue you still being there for me, I say thank you so much. Also, you insisting I revise paid off in the end. And just so you know, I’m proud of you so much and you proved your doubters wrong too. We’ll succeed together, don’t stress about that. To my siblings and in particular Jaiden, keep watching my steps and make sure you turn out great as well, just know that no matter what I will always love you little man and you’re gonna enjoy this life you’re living I promise you, but work hard and keep a straight head, even in the most chaotic times. Always have faith in God and you’ll make it anywhere and you’ll always get whatever you want. Plus you’ll make your big brothers shut his mouth when he sees you in your huge car with your degrees and what not. But you’re 10 now, so your main priority is to do excellent in your SATS, then make sure you smack it out the water in your GCSEs in six years. To my father, I forgive you. But upon rereading this, I realised that I spoke from anger. To my dad, I have to say thank you too old man. Yes there have been so many things that have gone on, but you’re undoubtedly still a good man. And a good father. You do love me, and that’s one thing that is true. Yeah, you may not be around as often as I would like you to, but you try your best to be in my life, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. To all my family members, my big sisters who fasted for me and prayed for me and lectured me endlessly, I love you so much. To Uncle Herbert, I hope I done you proud old man. To Mr Hutton, I hope you’re smiling from up there cause I’ve done it Trevor I’ve done it! To Troy, the little boy you used to tickle all the time is growing, and I wish you were here to see him now. To Natasha, I hope you can see me too. Though I can never forgive myself for you leaving, I know that I can be happy that I’ve done this. I hope you are too. I will come and see you before this year ends. That is a must, definitely. This cowardice of me not wanting to face reality is only holding me back, and I must face it. I must face you. And I will. Thank you for your impact in my life. All three of you. I shall always honour the memories we shared together. To my friends reading this, you are not friends but family. Thank you for your encouragement and trust in me over the years, I love all of you guys and you know who you individuals are. To my circle, you know who you are too. To those three witches, my triplet sisters. I could never forget you guys and I was a bit of an idiot to not put you in this, but that too was wrong of me. I love you guys and you should always know that, even if I do stupid things like this for example. You’re probably mad at me right now, but it’s understandable but do not forget this: We are all going to change the world we live in, I promise you. Now it’s time for A Levels. Expect another speech like this in 2018.


NameIfe Oladejo

SchoolSt Saviour’s & St Olave’s School

Results: 9A*1A

Her Story :

To get these results I not only had to work hard but had to work smart.

In subjects such as triple science and geography, I worked on knowing how to answer questions in the right way.

Examples of how I did this was doing plenty past papers and marking them myself with mark schemes.

Knowing what answers are wanted by the examiner helped me a lot.


Past papers are key! As geography has a lot of case studies (as well as history) which students are expected to use in their exams, I made flash cards with the main facts which I then memorised over months.

I would keep them in my blazer pocket so that when I had any free time and had nothing to do, I would either test myself or memorise some more facts.

Doing things at a slow pace and not overloading myself definitely helped me remember a lot.
I honestly didn’t think I would get these kind of results especially for English and drama (as I don’t perform as well in these subjects) so I’m really grateful to God for allowing me to persevere and achieve these results!

5A*’s 6A’s

NameIdris Bouattoura

SchoolGreig City Academy

Results: 5A*6A’s

His Story :
The past few months have been extremely exhausting with all the hard work I put into my GCSEs, not to forget the 3hours I was spending training in the gym everyday after school.

All this could not have happened if i never had the right mindset, so my best advice is to always have the right mindset of working hard and feeling good.


NameRachel Mensah(Rachel is also the head blogger for our writing department)

SchoolLa Retraite

Results: 2A, 6B’S

Her Story :

I achieved these grades by revising my own notes, notes that you’ve written in a way that makes sense to you will be easier to understand. paying attention in class rooms is more important than it appears.


4A’s, 5B’s , 1C

Name: Roxanne Parrish


Results: 4A, 5B’S, 1C

Her Story :

I got these results by nothing but hard work.

Keeping my head down when it was HARD and pushing through.

Upcoming year 11’s u got this.

When all is falling down around you just CONCENTRATE. Cause I did it.

Got a U in my Spanish exams but I still managed to pass and get a C ?.

That is my Biggest achievement. good luck upcoming year 11’s and well done everyone ❤️?.


1A, 6B’S, 2C’S

Name: Calecia Carty
School: Globe academy

Results1A, 6B’S, 2C’S

Her Story :

“I got there by dedication, it’s one thing to say your going to do something and a next to actually do it.

Every day from March I went to the library, reached there about 4:30/5pm and I revised until the library closed which was at 8pm.

I made sure I focused on the subjects I knew truly I wasn’t good at because no one knows you better than yourself.


You need to find an revision technique that works best for you, for me I’m a very visual learner, therefore I used mind-maps using all the colours could possibly think of and colour coded in order to break down information.

Also, you have to be realistic about what you can achieve, that’s why making simple targets or goals for you need to achieve each day is a good way to go about this.

But at the same time it really isn’t the end of the world if you don’t achieve the grades you wanted, as long as you don’t have no regrets and you know you put in the best you can achieve, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

GCSEs are literally going to be forgotten about after you have done further education whether that’s a-levels or apprenticeships as when your older all your going to look back on is the success you have achieved, not the failures you had to overcome.



Name: Grace Kimfumu

Results: 5B’s, 4C’s, 1D, 1E

Her Story:

I did not get A’s and A*’s but it’s prayer that got me those grades.?

I personally struggled with science.

I did not have the best teachers so I found everything difficult to understand.

In class exams I would get E’s & D’s so I decided to take matters into my own hands and I taught my self what I needed to know for biology,chemistry& physics.

I done this by using a revision guide however  once it started getting repetitive & boring Watched Revision videos on you YouTube which really helped for me & got me my B.


Prayer is the key tbh?

I advise anyone taking GCSE’s that they go to the extra revision classes, do past papers & pray!???✨

NameTyra Ameya

SchoolHornsey School for Girls

Results: 8A’s 2B’s

Her Story:

I got my mocks in November and got 1 D, 2 C’s, 3B’s, 2A’s, and 1 A*, really bad grades in my opinion.

However, I wanted to change this and stuck up incremental motivators all over my room and house with my goal grades written on them so whenever I felt like not revising a particular evening, I pushed myself to go ahead.

I made revision timetables, slept late & asked teachers for A* examples of exam papers.

I prioritised my weakest subjects and my exams overall and became selfish in my learning, making sure to cut out negativity.


1) thank God on a regular??
2) cut out negativity or things that will block you from achieving your full potential (bad friends, your phone, annoying siblings)
3) make a revision timetable and revise your worst subjects majorly alongside your better subjects.
4) ^stick to your revision timetable& don’t go over things YOU ALREADY KNOW.
5) organise things nicely; tick off a chapter in B1 or something if you thoroughly know it and keep it moving.
5) don’t start revising too early to be honest, start light revision for mocks and then start banging out full 5-8 using pomodoro method ( 4 25 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks in between them and a 30 min break after the 4th session)
6) go to the park once in a while and talk to your friends, but don’t let social media distract you and don’t go to any parties loool



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