This is deeper than a hashtag 

Deeper than a conversation
It takes action to make a change
But y’all be shooting congregations
What you gonna do when I yell STOP!
When I yell “y’all need to stop this bullshit I’ve had enough”
Sick to my stomach
It’s twisting and turning
Where the fuck do I begin
  I’m screaming let my people go like Moses did God is that Sin?
And Gods whose they with
And heavens where their at
Rest in Peace to my angels
Your battles aren’t going  un-attacked
But if something don’t stop its you they will be pointing their riffles at
I beg you to stop or pause don’t remind, my generation were running out time , faster than Usain Runs out time records
So I’m telling you once I ain’t gonna repeat myself again #BlackLiveMatter! We started from the bottom& we ain’t going back down again

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