We have a life lesson to learn, and it is more important now than ever.

Self Love.

So many black girls are put down because of their colour or even because of the country they come from, making not all but some girls feel bad about their origins, and instead wishing to be “light-skin” or another race.

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 As black girls we need to love ourselves because we have the ability to change the world, be goddesses and role models for the next generation going through self hate, due to the narcissism all around us

A lot of society doesn’t seem to understand the struggles that girls endure on a day-to-day basis, as a result of all the stereotypes and expectations that have become so outlandish, but our world has become accustomed to.

The notion of self-love is almost non-existent amongst us.

The uncanny thing concerning our generation is that the black race is having to deal more with colourism than racism, where hatred of the darker skin tones are coming from people within the same race. 

This indifference towards darker tones diminishes the confidence in darker girls. 

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 Colourism has deteriorated so much so that it is as if the black race has been split up into 3 different sub-groups: “Darkskin, Lightskin and Brown-skin”.

I have even encountered girls taking offence to being referred to as a ‘darkskin’ girl and saying “Relax, I’m ‘Brownskin’ not dark”, but when did dark skin become a flaw?
Even seeing Tweets/Instagram posts like:

I am having a party, Lightskin girls £5 entry, White girls £10, Black girls £100

this is an example of ongoing colourism within the black community, notably in the UK & USA.

I know for a fact that all black girls are tired of “compliments” like:

“You’re pretty for a brownskin/darkskin girl

I can tell you right now to any boy that says this to a girl, it is not a compliment. Image result for thumbs downInstead, you’re putting down black girls by saying that the majority are unappealing. 

What kind of society depreciates someone’s beauty because of their skin?

 So let me remind you black girls of all the qualities that make you beautiful:

  1.  Your skin is comprised of resplendently abundant amounts of melanin, which gives it its rich hue and also provides protection from sunrays.

       2.Your hair breaks the rules of nature and defies gravity.

      3. Acceptance of your ethnic features; you see other races wearing box braids/gelling down baby hairs etc… and wishing for features that come naturally to you!

captured by Seyi [@shaysconcept] | Model [@nayz100]

These are a just a few of many things that make you unique and beautiful.

Your flawless physique is admired by many.

So keep this in mind when someone wants to say that black girls aren’t something to be appreciated and praised. 

Black is beautiful.

  • This Article was written by Shiroe Zita [@shi.ldn]

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